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Tue 21 Apr 2015 01:44 PM

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Dubai taxis fitted with new flashing brake light

Dubai Taxi Corp is experimenting with the new device to curb accidents and enhance safety

Dubai taxis fitted with new flashing brake light

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has fitted a new brake light system on 60 of its affiliated taxicabs as part of an experiment that’s hoped to reduce the number of accidents.

The new device, called Brake-Plus, is connected with the taxi’s brake system and flashes intermittently to alert the driver behind when the taxi slows down or has to stop.

Ammar Al Buraiki, acting director of Fleet Operations, head of Your Safety Team at DTC said the initiative is one of a series from a detailed study of the underlying factors of accidents sustained by taxicabs.

“The device has been fixed and connected with the brake system such that it flashes intermittent lights to alert the driver of the vehicle at the back in case the taxicab has to stop or slow-down, which would help in reducing potential accidents, especially those related to the lack of sufficient distance. This experiment is the first of its kind in the Middle East applied to taxicabs,” said Al Buraki.

“Cabbies have been trained on the functionality of the device in order to step up their skills and work efficiency, which will reflect positively on realising the vision of the DTC,” he added.

DTC’s current fleet comprises 4,344 vehicles offering various services including VIP Taxi, Airport Taxi, Hatta Taxi, Ladies Taxi, Family Taxi, General Taxi, Safe Hands Taxi, and Disabled Taxi.

More than 9,800 cabbies hailing from 36 countries are employed to run a 24-hour taxi service on shift basis.

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Sol 4 years ago

Point 1: If flashing brakelights were a good idea, don't you think they'd have long been the norm in developed countries?
Point 2: What on earth does he mean by "cabbies have been trained ... etc" Trained to do what? It's light that flashes when they press the brake pedal!!! What training is involved?

Another half-baked scheme that draws attention away from the main issue in UAE's poor road safety record - which is the miserable standard of driving and the weakness of the police outside of letting speed cameras do their limited task.

Dom. 3 years ago

Anything that saves injury or worse is to be welcomed. Typical begrudging attitude from those who don't have to clean up after accidents

Telcoguy 3 years ago

Yes, the whole point that Sol is raising is that there seems to be no evidence that this "saves injury or worse" while things that are actually effective are not implemented because of the political cost (yes, that would mean preventing certain people from driving)
So maybe Sol has better critical reasoning skills than you think.

MT3 3 years ago

Hasn't anyone told them that all cars are fitted with this mechanism already - it's called the hazard lights. For those new to Dubai it is a convenient way that drivers have of warning you to stay well away from them because they are about to do the most mind-numbingly stupid and dangerous thing you could possibly imagine anyone could do while driving a car.

Fentoni 3 years ago

Woah! The hazard warning lights are strictly for fast driving in dense fog, come on MT3 you've lived here long enough! Anyway I wouldn't rely on any warning that mind numbingly stupid things are about to occur, they tend to happen out of the blue...unless it's foggy.

Bob 3 years ago

I hate it here that people use their hazard lights when braking, or in have brake lights. Lights that come on when someone brakes. That's enough - it works in other developed countries, and has for a very long time. Call me old fashioned, but surely its just that people need to improve their driving standards, stop tailgating people and learn how to leave enough space between you and the car in front to allow for a safe braking distance???

Dubai, and the rest of the UAE, has a long way to go until driving standards are improved - and it won't be fixed just by installing more cameras. It needs proper training and education of people when they are getting their licence

Bill 3 years ago

They should fit other devices too on taxis to make their drivers drive better. Some of these cab drivers are aggressive, selfish and break traffic laws regularly.

Doug 3 years ago

I'm confused. I was under the impression that all cars came with some sort of signalling system that alerts drivers that the car in front is braking...what's it called....oh, yes....the BRAKE LIGHTS.

What's actually needed is not an additional brake light but for someone to explain to the average Dubai driver that the appropriate distance to maintain from the car in front of you is not "about two inches away from the exhaust".

Telcoguy 3 years ago

Or maybe the problem is not technology related but has to do with poor education and negligible driving skills in this region.

WHJ 3 years ago

@Telco. I know you like quotes and excerpts, so here's one for you:
"The Spanish are not the most considerate of road users. When merging with a motorway, don’t expect drivers to slow to let you on – you may have to stop at the end of the slip road. Many drivers show complete disregard for speed limits and you may find some obstinate road users who deliberately straddle two lanes to prevent such speed freaks from passing."