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Tue 28 Sep 2010 01:38 PM

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Dubai tramway delayed to 2014 on downturn - RTA

'Because of the recession we had to re-plan our projects again' - official.

Dubai tramway delayed to 2014 on downturn - RTA
TRAMWAY LINK: Phase 1 will link Al Sufouh area with Dubai Marina area by replacing the existing bridge with a new one. (Getty Images)

Dubai’s tramway system completion has been delayed by two years to 2014 due to the recession, an official at the emirate’s Roads & Transport Authority said on Tuesday.

“Because of the recession we had to re-plan our projects again,” Abdul Redha Abu Al-Hassan, director rail planning & development said at a conference in Abu Dhabi.

The Phase 1 of the project was initially expected to be completed in April 2011. Phase 1 will link Al Sufouh area with Dubai Marina area by replacing the existing bridge with a new one.

Overall, the RTA plans to develop a $1.1bn tram system that will be 14.5 km long. The tramway will be executed in two phases.

According to an RTA statement last year, the tram network includes 19 passenger stations, nine of which are covered under Phase I and spread across activity and population density areas along the tram route. Each train measures 44 meters in length and has a loading capacity of about 300 passengers.

The fleet will consist of eight trams in Phase I and 17 more will be added in Phase II such that there will be a fleet of 25 trains in place capable of commuting about 5000 passengers per hour per direction, the RTA had said.

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Dave 9 years ago

That means the Dubai Marina residence have to live in a right mess for the next 4 years......what a joke!!!!!

JK 9 years ago

The area and line planned for tram was Dubai Marina – Internet City – Media City – Mall of the Emirates. These lines are already populated and one of the busiest in Dubai with residentials and offices. So what's the delay and what's the recession? Is it funding? Surely its not the developments around this area as it is already quite populated. JBR for instance is parking problems during weekends. We were expecting trams to let us leave cars to enjoy beach. Well, 4 years then it is.

victor 9 years ago

Why does this report have two paragraphs on the delay and nothing about they just can't afford the to pay for the tramway at the moment,and then the rest of the report saying how good the tramway is going to be,how many trains how many passengers per hour come oN A/B do so decent reporting this is kids stuff

Happy Dubai Expat 9 years ago

..Dave, get over it mate. Residents of London have been living in a right mess for the last 50 years.

Chris J 9 years ago

We accept that there are issues in Dubai in funding the tram. This has been evident in the lack of work for more than one year. Surely a small budget can be found to return the trees and plants and review the traffic barrier arrangements which impede traffic flows until the RTA has the capacity to restart these important works. Residents of the Marina pay a beautification levy in their charges and those on the major roads should again have safety and beauty available.

Oli69 9 years ago

What is the point with this tramway anyway??! Who is going to use it?? The residents in dubai marina will probably never use a tramway, let's be realistic! For laborers and service staff they're better off adding a bus lane and increasing the number of buses. Now everybody will have to suffer disruption until 2014. Good job RTA, as usual you never get it right...

mansoor 9 years ago

I remember construction started during 2009, they should have not ripped of such a beautiful area, now un-constructed tram line and detour's at marina are here to stay.... wont dust and weather destroy all the current progress

JK 9 years ago

@Oli69 Didn't you say the same about metro few years back? I personally know few well paid execs using metro to travel to work from Marina/JBR/JLT not just labourers. And if labourers use them as well, I think it is good as they are just humans like us. If you ain't going to use it, that's fine. But please stop cursing at infrastructure developments in our country. The world is going though some rough financial times and am sure especially where you come from as well, but when the time is right, it will all happen and it will help a lot of us although maybe not you, but it might be you as well. Please be polite. We appreciate your help in our country though.