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Mon 17 Oct 2011 10:19 AM

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Dubai trip was 'unforgettable' says Kim Kardashian

Reality TV star tells Twitter fans she cannot wait to return to the emirate

Dubai trip was 'unforgettable' says Kim Kardashian
The newly-married star shown at her Dubai Mall press conference

US reality TV star Kim Kardashian has said her trip to Dubai was “unforgettable” and she cannot wait to return to the emirate.

The ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ star, who toured Dubai and Abu Dhabi last week, told her fans on Twitter that see had the “best time” in the UAE.

[Click here for pictures of her Dubai trip]

“Just touched down in New York! Dubai was unforgettable! Can't wait to go back!” she wrote.

The newly-married star was pictured during her stay at Dubai’s Atlantis resort, taking a camel ride and wearing the traditional Arab abaya.

“Good morning Dubai! I'm having the best time here! I got some amazing traditional souvenirs to bring home to the fam, they're gonna love!” she told fans.

Kardashian, who was in town to launch Millions of Milkshakes’ first overseas store, made an official appearance at Dubai Mall on Friday, where she was greeted by thousands of UAE fans.

Kardashian posted a video clip of her arrival at the mall alongside a message that read: “WOW now this is what I call a warm Middle Eastern welcome!”

The 30-year-old shot to fame along with her family in the reality TV show, ‘Keeping up With the Kardashians’. The hit television show has spawned several spinoffs, the latest of which features Kim and her sister Kourtney opening their boutique DASH in New York City.

Prior to her visit, she told Arabian Business that she wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to open a Kardashian hotel or night club in Dubai if the opportunity was right.

“I’m just excited to meet new people and see what other business opportunities are out there other than what I’ve already have got on,” she said. “Absolutely [I would look at real estate], if it made sense and there was something there.

“I’m hoping that I fall in love with the Middle East. I want to go out there all the time. I want to bring my sisters so I hope the right opportunity comes about and I’m able to really do my homework and research some great real estate opportunities or other opportunities in general.”

Kardashian was named Hollywood’s top earning reality star in December, raking in an estimated $6m from her various enterprises. The star lends her name to a host of products including skincare, swimwear and also promotes the weight loss product Quick Trim.

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lro 8 years ago

yeah; over the moon she is sooooo enamoured of Dubai where she got is all for free and gets to give her freebie dubai goodie bags to her freeloading family. Hope it was all made in Karama.
what a waste of space for Arabian

Proud 2B Muslim 8 years ago

I am very disappointed and upset by the reaction of so many people to the arrival of Kim Kardashian in Dxb. People are heralding her as some kind of queen, running after her every move and changing their DP. She is not a positive role model for us or .How did she become famous? Not because she is talented, intelligent, or hard-working, but through other means. She is the embodiment of what our culture and religion should not tolerate. But people are not just tolerating her, they are celebrating her! Why are we celebrating her?
It concerns me that we have become so seduced by western 'culture' that we think Kim is someone we should be proud to have visiting our country.

Jayho 8 years ago

@Iro, you're just bitter because she wasn't a Bollywoood star.

Khalid Mohd. 8 years ago

People are dramatic. So what if we celebrated pop culture a little? entertainment? TV? Music? or a milkshake??? whats the big deal?? Kim came to Dubai, did her thing, advertised Dubai a little, and that's that??

Relax take a chill pill. The problem is not Kim, or anyone else. If you have a weak personality, then that is your problem.

I am a Muslim, and I strongly believe that we are starting to attach Islam to our own personal opinions just to add weight to them. Please don't involve Islam in Kim's visit; otherwise, we should've brought it up when Bush visited (and he is the reason behind many people dying around the world) or when Ghaddafi visited (and are witnessing his story) or when Tiger Woods visited (A cheater) yet all still celebrated. Maybe because they are men?

Expat 8 years ago

This was a true surprise that Dubai celebrated her visit. She is all that every youngster should NOT try to be. What has she done to have so many fans? Any real achievement? Unless I missed out on the recent Nobel prizes announcement.

Lionheart 8 years ago

Welcome to the real world my good friend . Mordern day culture and mordern day stars don't differentiate where their fans are . There's more Western culture and especially American culture in Dubai than the West itself , if you court it , it will seduce you in the end .

NeNe 8 years ago

So she made a mistake - so what? Her business acumen is taking her places. Her mother is razor sharp when it comes to business and I truly admire them as a family. The do all the crazy things that a normal family does: curse, laugh, make-up, have fun and be a family. If she were not famous no one would have heard or cared about that picture RayJ posted. No one is pointing the finger at him for his underhanded deed but want to paint Kim in a bad light. Where is RayJ today? grow up people. If you folks would watch "Keeping up with the Kardashians" some of you can learn a thing or two about family values.

PS 8 years ago

Kudos to you Khalid. Finally a realistic view !

kingkaiser 8 years ago

@Jayho; actually I'd suspect that lro is making a totally different kind of statement. You dont even know that this guy (lro) is Indian. Examination of your own motives may be in order.
Anyway, last I checked, bollywood stars come here often and get better freebies than designer abayas. Recently on another Dubai based news site, there was an article where a famous bollywood actor (Shahrukh Khan, I think) got a mansion on the Palm for free.

Expat1234 8 years ago

Well said Khalid, well said. It's refreshing to hear someone with some common sense for once!