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Thu 8 Jan 2015 11:51 AM

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Dubai valet crashes rare Ferrari

1962 Ferrari 250GT California Spyder said to be valued in the millions

Dubai valet crashes rare Ferrari
Image for illustrative purposes only

A multi-million dollar car ended up crashed in a Dubai car park after the valet mistook the accelerator for the brake.

The rare 1962 Ferrari 250GT California Spyder was crashed by the valet in the car park of Dubai International Financial Centre, according to 7Days newspaper.

Following the incident, the company employing the valet, Secure Parking Corporation, admitted that he had pressed the accelerator instead of the brake.

Owner of the vehicle, Neil Petch, who had dropped off his car with the valet before having lunch at La Petite Maison, told 7Days that he was “in shock” after seeing his prize possession crashed.

“The friend I was meeting called me from the parking lot. He said, ‘Neil, what happened to your car?’ I thought he was playing a prank. But he told me I better get down there. And then I saw it…” Petch was quoted as saying.

While Petch didn’t reveal the value of the Ferrari 250GT California Spyder, a similar vehicle sold at an auction in Monterey, California last year for $15.18 million.

Petch did say that Secure Parking Corporation would cover the cost of repairing the vehicle.

Last month, a video clip emerged on website Youtube of a Dubai valet losing control of Ford Mustang and crashing the AED170,000 ($46,000) luxury car into a wall.

Click here to see the footage

The valet driver was taken to hospital after receiving injuries to his face in the accident, which occurred on Thursday night.

“The engine is literally broken. The front suspension is badly damaged. I bought the car only nine months ago when my daughter was born. It’s been my dream car and now it’s crushed. There was blood all over the car and the airbag was out,” the Dutch owner, 43-year-old Antoine Adams said.

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Mosa 5 years ago

I don't understand why people give their millions worth of a Car to a random stranger, to get into tight basements and park their fancy cars? Just to show off your status and position and look cool in front of your companions, you do this stupidity, and then suffer!

These drivers aren't professional racing car drivers that people handover their Bentleys, Ferrari's and Lamborghini's to park in tight spots.

Change your habit - rich guys! Make an effort and PARK ON YOUR OWN!

DubaiGUy 5 years ago

This is a serious problem. A year ago a valet damaged my car while bringing it out of the parking and even though the hotel paid for the repairs, my insurance cost has gone up.

The problem is that some companies employ the cheapest talent who are undisciplined and unintelligent village boys, instead of paying more to hire someone who will act more responsibly with someone else's property.

Doug 5 years ago

I understand WHY people do it...but you're definitely right. A quick look at the 'average' Dubai driver should show you why you probably shouldn't hand over your car to the 'average' valet.
Bit disappointed about the quote from Antoine Adams though - regardless of what's happened to your car, if there's "blood all over", I would probably express a bit of concern for the presumably very badly injured valet driver, rather than just complain about the mess.

Provamo14 5 years ago

Doubt this car was real. A legit California would not have an air bag. Certainly a replica and not worth many (or any) million.

Sunny 5 years ago

The picture of the accident was examined by several car enthusiast sites- all say the car was a replica similar to the one seen in Ferris Buellers day off, and nothing more. Its nowhere near the million dollar valuation suggested in the article

AT1 5 years ago

Gosh my friend, well maybe you could park your car yourself and walk from the car park instead of giving it to the 'undisciplined and unintelligent village boys'. I'm sure you have never had a car accident where you were at fault. I hope you do not, but if you ever did I'm sure will not mind if I call you an 'undisciplined and unintelligent village boy'. I'm sure the human being you dismiss so callously did not mean to crash your car. And I'm sure you will be calling the hotel that crashed your car to offer to pay more money on your bill next time in order to send all their valets to driver training... oh thought not. I love living and working in this country but truly your statement encapsulates everything that is wrong about Dubai and the sense of entitlement some people have here. Take a good hard look at yourself and learn some humility and kindness. All human beings are equal, especially you.

chalky6766 5 years ago

My car is very powerful and just the kind of car someone who is not experienced would crash if they were not being very careful indeed so I take the risk out of the equation and get a taxi. I sympathize with both parties however best advise is get a taxi, seriously then you have no worries and no cause to complain...

Rami Salman 5 years ago

I highly doubt this is an original Ferrari, let alone a rare classic. If it is, then I would question the owner's sanity by driving it in Dubai, and handing the keys over to a stranger to park it. These cars usually retain their value by keeping the mileage low. These are not "Valet" cars, such as newer Porsches and Ferraris.