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Mon 13 Aug 2012 10:43 AM

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Dubai woman racks up $55,000 in speeding fines

Bangladeshi singled out for 257 traffic fines; men accounted for majority of violations

Dubai woman racks up $55,000 in speeding fines
Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, traffic

A Bangladeshi woman in Dubai racked up a record 257 traffic fines, totaling AED201,140 (US$54,760) in just three months, Dubai Police said.

The woman, who received most of the fines for speeding, was one of 17 individuals singled out by police for clocking up combined fines of AED2m between April and June, local media reported.

Other offenders included a Syrian female with 288 fines totaling AED186,900, an Egyptian motorist owing AED169,420 and an Indian national with combined fines of AED137,400.

“Women in the list represented 29 percent of traffic violators with fines worth AED761,520, leaving men with fines valued at AED2.9m,” said Colonel Saif Al Mazroui, acting director of Dubai Police’s Traffic Department.

Drivers with fines exceeding AED10,000 are automatically contacted by police, he added.

Dubai depends on fees and taxes for around 77 percent of its budget revenue. Dubai authorities last August introduced a 30 percent discount on all traffic violations, which was later increased to 40 percent. The discounts, introduced in a bid to encourage drivers to settle outstanding fines, lasted until January 10.

The RTA in 2010 earned some AED800m (US$217m) from its Salik road toll gates, up from AED776m in 2009 and AED669m in 2008.

Dubai’s Department of Finance has previously said it plans to launch an US$800m dual currency, six-year financing, based on the monetisation of receipts from the Salik road toll system.

The capital will be used to fund the RTA future infrastructure projects, Dubai’s Government Media office said.

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Omar 7 years ago

Where is the logic of discounting fines for immediate payment? I would think this only encourages people to delay paying the fine in anticipation of discounts.

So I can go to jail because I default on my debts, but if I default paying my traffic fines all I get is a discount! Something it not right here.

In my book there is only one way to ensure prompt payment of fines...its called JAIL!

langyaw 7 years ago

@Omar, you're right.
banks' and loan institutions' debtors are sent to jail even if they're not a threat to anyone's safety. whereas, these speeding offenders get discounts and continue to endanger everyone on the road.
I'd say, once they accumulate AED10K, don't just call them, but arrest them and let them pay or serve jail time. those who intentionally get past a 5- or 6-digit fine probably have plans to leave the country without any plans of paying anyone they owe.

Jon 7 years ago

Surely it would make more sense to introduce a points based system like they have in numerous countries around the world.

Say 4 speeding offences results in a one year driving ban (points also for other forms of dangerous driving). typically when such systems have been introduced (and critically enforced - which may be a problem in the UAE) driving behavious have changed.

bemused 7 years ago

There is already a existing comprehensive points system and has been for years. It simply is not enforced uniformly nor consistantly, if at all.