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Thu 4 Mar 2010 02:27 PM

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Egypt billionaire Moustafa gets murder case retrial

Property tycoon was found guilty of paying a hit man to kill singer Suzanne Tamim.

Egypt billionaire Moustafa gets murder case retrial
MURDER TRIAL: At the time of his arrest, Moustafa was a member of the upper house of parliament. (Getty Images)

Egypt’s highest appeals court on Thursday overturned the death sentence against real-estate billionaire Hisham Talaat Moustafa for the murder of a Lebanese pop singer, and ordered a retrial.

Moustafa, a former chief executive officer of Talaat Moustafa Group Holding, was found guilty on May 21 of paying a hit man to kill his former girlfriend, Suzanne Tamim. The murder and trial have captivated the media in the Arab world, where politicians and the wealthy are generally perceived to be above punishment.

Shares of Talaat Moustafa Group, Egypt’s biggest publicly- traded real estate developer, rose as much as 4.7 percent after the ruling. They were trading 3 percent higher at 8.12 Egyptian pounds ($1.48) at 12:12 p.m. in Cairo.

At the time of his arrest, Moustafa was a member of the upper house of parliament and belonged to the ruling National Democratic Party of President Hosni Mubarak.

Moustafa had an affair with Tamim, 31, and then paid former police officer Mohsen al-Sukary $2 million to kill her in Dubai after she left him, police say. Al-Sukary, who was sentenced to death, was also granted a retrial. Both men had pleaded not guilty.

The prosecutor said in September that Moustafa, who is married with three children, helped al-Sukary obtain visas to the U.K. and the United Arab Emirates so that he could stalk Tamim.

Al-Sukary entered Tamim’s Dubai apartment on July 28, 2008, on the pretext of doing work there and stabbed her repeatedly before cutting her throat, the prosecutor said.

Moustafa, who was born in 1959, was arrested and stripped of his parliamentary immunity a month after the killing.

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Angelika 10 years ago

I remember I was in Dubai a few days after this murder took place: Everyone was in shock about this cruelty - and it would be a shame if these killers are getting away with it - a shame for Dubai and for Egypt as well.

FarceME 10 years ago

Money talks & honesty walks! Sickening

Genghis Khan 10 years ago

Egypt is the laugh of not only the arabs but the entire world, they represent the shame of the arabic nation, and I'm not expecting from them except such behaviour. Look at their entire system, look how they treat themselves an then look at the places they live in, and you will know how low are these people. I cant say except one day Egypt and Egyptians you will pay for this.

Sarah 10 years ago

As somewho who has been swindled off life saving in Egypt and went through anguish and humiliation in dealing with the Egyptian authorities and lawyers, I am able to testify the fraglity of the justice and value of humanity in that country. In short what exists there is a jungle law where victory belongs to those with the most bribe money and those with the least conscience in inflicting pain on others for thier own gains.

Dose it matter? 10 years ago

Who the hell are u to juge an entire nation? where u from Ginkesh?????????????? every one can tell from your name that you r from a great coutry. You & your people here have the best jobs in town, living in the nicest places and smell so fine. that others can not be in the same place with u. You will die praying that u were from a country like Egypt.

Egyptian & Proud to be Egyptian 10 years ago

It is very strange to read this type of comments against Egypt as a country, please don't forget that any country consists of poeple, places, law, ...etc. who are you to judge egypt and are you sure that Hisham Mostafa killed her?? I think you are very simple to judge great country like Egypt and too far to judge poeple...

max 10 years ago

Mongolia? Genghis Khan? I think you are the lough of anyone & everyone! Its clear that you know nothing about Egypt or anywhere else! Your comments about this great country is the lough!

samer 10 years ago

can not beleive there are still countries like egypt where laws are from 3000 years ago ...

Genghis Khan 10 years ago

Its funny why no Egyptian ask him/herself why the law in egypt can be manipulated with at such level!!! We know that the civilization of nations is not measured in size or quantity, but in their capabilities to apply law on themselves Unlike Animal Kingdom!!!, (as animals differentiate each other by shape or stripes and if the other animal has the same stripes, then it should be protected). This is what i think of Egyptians, and if you think yourself better then go out there and ask for the truth in Suzan Tamim Murder... And then you will know how civilized are you as a nation...

name withheld 10 years ago

I was expecting this. However this sort of political game does not just belong to Egypt. Outgoing Presidents in the good ole U S of A have a habit of giving pardons to much more serious criminals. Russia will concoct legals cases against government opposition. The UK will happily change definitions and laws to protect politicians...it just goes on and on and on