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Tue 26 Apr 2011 12:09 PM

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Egyptians back sharia law, end of Israel treaty, poll shows

Pew survey shows 60% of Egyptians polled wants laws that follow Islamic teachings

Egyptians back sharia law, end of Israel treaty, poll shows
About 60 percent of Egyptians surveyed said “laws should strictly follow the teachings” of Islam’s holy book

majority of Egyptians wants the country’s peace treaty with Israel to be
annulled and says its laws should “strictly” follow the teachings of the Koran,
a survey by Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project found.

percent of 1,000 Egyptians surveyed want the government to end the peace treaty
with the Jewish state, Pew said in an emailed statement. About 60 percent of
those surveyed said “laws should strictly follow the teachings” of Islam’s holy

Washington-based center conducted the survey between March 24 and April 7, more
than a month after the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, who had maintained
the peace treaty with Israel signed in 1979 by his predecessor Anwar Sadat.

of all ages, from all walks of life, and parts of the country continue to
celebrate the dramatic political changes their nation has undergone,” Pew said
in the release. “Overwhelmingly, they say it is good that former president
Hosni Mubarak is gone.”

Mubarak, Egypt had maintained a blockade of the Gaza Strip with Israel after
the Islamist movement Hamas took power in the coastal enclave in 2007. The two
countries signed a 2005 agreement to exempt Egyptian exports to the US from
custom tariffs if they contained an Israeli component. Egypt also sells natural
gas to Israel, and prosecutors last week ordered the detention of former Oil
Minister Sameh Fahmy and five ex- officials amid an investigation into the

Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s biggest opposition group during Mubarak’s
three-decade rule, repeatedly criticized the former president for maintaining
what it saw as close ties with Israel.

percent of Egyptians surveyed had a favourable view of the Islamist group,
though only 17 percent said the Brotherhood should lead the next government,
the survey found. It said the margin of error for the poll is four percentage

the politicians who have announced plans to run for president, Arab League
Secretary-General and former Foreign Minister Amre Moussa came out top with a
“very favourable” rating of 41 percent.

Mohamed ElBaradei, the former director
of the United Nations nuclear agency had a 25 percent rating, with Ayman Nour,
a lawyer who came a distant second to Mubarak in the 2005 elections, on 32
percent, the poll found.

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Joe Bloggs 9 years ago

So basically 600 people out of 83million want Sharia law/Israel treaty cancellation???? This equates to 0.0007% of the population!

Not exactly the majority is it?

What people really want is education for all, jobs, job security, infrastructure investment, transparency, better political system, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, a strong currency, a global footprint, respect...........

gordon 9 years ago

suspicous, the people revolted to get rid of a dictator and have demoracy.

The muslim brotherhood wants to win an election with democracy then get rid of democracy as it is not Sharia compliant?

Seems to be a conflict here?

To quote statistics, there are lies, damm lies and statistics.

It all depends on how you put the question.

Diddley 9 years ago

Very well said!!! And Peace in the region. So if the polled people want to rip up the peace treaty, what are they suggesting? They want war? Do people never learn from mistakes of the past...

Telcoguy 9 years ago

with these numbers (54% vs 46% and a sample size of 1000) yes, the sample could be good.
We do not know how they chose the sample , and how representative it is of course, so the poll could be totally flawed on those grounds, but in general Pew seems to be reliable.
I certainly would trust their research more than most things locally produced in this region.

Middle Eastern 9 years ago

People want to breath, eat and live peacefully-basics of life! Although Israel over the past 60 years have always ignited wars and tensions in the region, we are not after a war with them, but a mutual respect on their side to the region's religions and culture. I'm very confident that most of the Arabs are fine with having Israel as part of the region if it solves the Palestinian problem and START treating them like humans, give them voting and running for elections...JUST LIKE ANY NORMAL COUNTRY on this EARTH...

If that is too much to ask Israel to do, then the only voice we will hear is the tension and war voices.

Tareq 9 years ago

@ Joe and Diddley
People don't want war, they want dignity which wasn't offered to them during all the years of peace with the Zionists. That peace did not benefit the Egyptians as their natural gas was sold well below market price thus depriving the Egyptian people of their country's wealth. Annulling the peace treaty would make Israel rethink their regional strategy and see that there are other human beings in the region who want to prosper.

@ Gordon
Your argument is baseless as Shariah law indeed includes Shura (which means conferring with others) and Mubaya'a (which means electing or more strictly speaking approving a leader!).
In Islam, the Muslim leader is assumed to be fair and honest by default and looking after the people's best interest. The people's elders, scholars and scientists would agree to the leader's appointment by Mubaya'a. The leader must be obeyed unless and until he orders something that goes against the people's best interest or a sin.

Wallye 9 years ago

Totally agree with Joe

Frank Lampard 9 years ago

No, 600 people out of 1000 want Shariah Law. It's a survey!! You sample 1000 people and extrapolate the results. Who surveyed the other 79,999,000 people for you to get your figures?

Frank Lampard 9 years ago

Don't people read the article!?! Israel is using Egypt to export produce to the US, gas is being sold to Israel at a subsidized rate and a blockade of Gaza is being implemented. ALL against the wishes of the people. So yes, this is what I call democracy. And if a peace treaty entails you bending over backwards for your "ally" with no benefits to the masses, then cancel it. The absence of a peace treaty doesn't necessarily mean you are at war with them!

jay jay 9 years ago

The trouble is that most Middle Eastern country leaders have used Israel as a vehicle to mask their own inefficencies . Some countries are killing their own people as we speak yet some people are still concerned about Israel , yes they are a problem but my advice to the people of these nations is look after your own interests and your own people first .
Let the people have their say and let democracy have it's way , if this leads to Sharia Law and no peace treaty than so be it , it's what the people have voted for but also be careful for what you wish for sometimes democracy thrust into nations without framework and legal support can be just as bad as what they left behind.