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Wed 22 Dec 2010 04:39 PM

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Emirates jet comes off runway in UK airport

Flight diverted from Heathrow to Birmingham is jammed for hours after taxiing off runway

Emirates jet comes off runway in UK airport
The Boeing 777-300ER, which had 282 passengers on board, landed safely at the terminal, but ran into trouble while taxiing

An Emirates Airlines jet diverted from Heathrow airport to Birmingham airport amid severe weather condtiions became stuck on a grass verge for about 12 hours.

The BBC reported that the Boeing 777-300ER, which had 282 passengers on board, landed safely at the terminal, but appeared to cut a corner while taxiing.

In a statement, an airport spokesperson said: "Birmingham Airport can confirm that an Emirates flight EK 29 inbound from Dubai was scheduled to land at London Heathrow and then rescheduled to come to Birmingham instead.

"The aircraft, a Boeing 777-300ER with 282 passengers on board, landed routinely at 13.54. Whilst proceeding to the terminal, the aircraft inadvertently taxied on to the grass verge. One set of wheels became stuck in the soft verge.”

Passengers on the aircraft waited for an hour and a half before being disembarked.

BBC News reported that the passengers were kept informed of what happened.

One man told the broadcaster: "The plane was taxiing to the gate and the pilot appeared to cut the right hand turn a little too close and his main, right landing gear was off the tarmac in the mud, sinking.

"I looked out and it was about 8in (20cm) [deep]. They did appear to try to rock it loose."


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Kia Foster 8 years ago

After all the crying by Emirates about BAA stopping them landing because BAA closed the airports because it was dangerous, now we see that they cannot even handle a plane properly in normal conditions.

Amer 8 years ago

What do you mean by normal conditions? did you see the news, did you know that there is a storm over there? or it is just an argument?

Joe Karcia 8 years ago

Do you work for Air Canada? Most likely yes. Or Luftansa?

Hamdi 8 years ago

What matters is that no one got hurt. You obviously focus on what doesn't really matter. If you read the article "carefully" again it clearly mentions that the airplane landed safely but "cut a corner while taxiing" which is really a mistake that anyone can do while handling something as basic as a bicycle let alone an airplane in conditions like the ones in the UK.

Ed 8 years ago

On Sunday Mr Tim Clark lashed out to the UK BAA for refusing 2 of its aircraft to land due to conditions on the airport caused by the weather. Now reading this article, I wonder what response Mr. Clark has now given that one of his aircraft was involved in an incident in the UK, due to weather. I love flying Emirates, but what I see in the past year on the arrogance Emirates has in the media, I have really a bad feeling on where its turning too. I hope the same Mr. Clark protects this great company by changing its policy.

omair 8 years ago

This is well known fact that Emirates is one of the best airline in the world due to its excellent service and safety policies. You can say its matter of jealousy or what so ever; even minor incident of Emirates or projected in media. Keep it up Emirates and well done.

Wael 8 years ago

The "crying by Emirates", as you put it, was not because BAA closed the airports, it was because BAA gave them assurances that they would be cleared to land, and then just before the flights were about to land they were turned back...The flight from Dubai to London takes over six hours and BAA waited till the last minute to tell them they could not land....sorry old chaps..