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Sun 9 Oct 2016 01:40 PM

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Emirates ‘overcharges UAE residents for outbound flights’, says Khalaf Al Habtoor

Al Habtoor Group chairman urges Dubai airline to investigate discrepancy in fares

Emirates ‘overcharges UAE residents for outbound flights’, says Khalaf Al Habtoor

Dubai tycoon Khalaf Al Habtoor has urged Emirates to explain why its outbound Dubai flights cost more than double the price of inbound and transit flights, in a powerful statement on social media this weekend.

In a video posted on his Instagram page, the outspoken chairman of real estate and hospitality firm Al Habtoor Group claimed that the cost of a first class ticket from Dubai to London is around AED35,000 ($9,528), whereas the cost of a flight from Mumbai to London via Dubai is AED18,000 ($4,900).

“The difference is huge!” he pronounced, arguing that UAE citizens should be charged less, not more than others, to travel from Dubai.

Al Habtoor’s full statement on Instagram said: “I am addressing this #video to @Emirates Airlines. While I was comparing prices with my friends today, I realised that tickets from #Dubai are almost double the price of tickets for flights via Dubai.

“For example; the price of a first class ticket on a flight from Dubai to #London is roughly AED35,000. While the price for a flight from #Mumbai to London, via Dubai is almost AED18,000, and from #Colombo to London via Dubai is AED14,000.

“The difference is huge! Should the price not be better for #UAE citizens and residents flying from UAE? #EmiratesAirlines should look into this and take immediate action. #KAH #airplane #travel.”

Arabian Business has contacted Emirates for comment.

In another video, Al Habtoor also he hit out at Beirut-based carrier Middle East Airlines for using the term ‘Persian Gulf’ instead of ‘Arabian Gulf’.

“What a disappointment, to see#MiddleEastAirlines - the Lebanese official carrier - use the term "Persian Gulf" for our #ArabianGulf.

“What a disappointment that this beautiful country, once a favourite among #GCCcitizens, is falling under the Iranian influence and the rule of the Mullahs. Officially, #Lebanon, as an #Arabic country, recognizes the Gulf by its correct name "Arabian Gulf", but the country is so lost to the Iranians that it does recognise its identity anymore.

“I hope that Lebanon's honest men and women will be able to save Lebanon and bring it back to heart of the #Arab World before it is too late. #KAH #LB #MEA.”

Oman’s national carrier Oman Air was forced to issue a public apology when it, too, used the term ‘Persian Gulf’ on in-flight maps last month.

Anonymous 3 years ago

Hats off to KAH. Residents have been fleeced for years. Residents have been paying double for outbound flights from DXB on Emirates.

Said 3 years ago

At times it is better to fly to Mumbai to start European journey and save 50% costs for the inconvenience

harry 3 years ago

agreed, everyone knows about this for years, but no powerful person has spoken up till now.

middle class dubai 3 years ago

Respect to KAH!

Amanda 3 years ago

I have booked a flight from Dubai to Glasgow return on Emirates, but booked it via Qantas at half the price on their Code Share, same flights, same timings, same day, flight operated by Emirates, 50% of the Price when booked on Qantas, it's disgusting!!

Mohd 3 years ago

Totally agree, this is something that airlines do, because you are limited with few carriers, and hence they raise the price. This is truly unjustified. Also, Emirates are forcing the one carry one bag with MAXMIUM 7KG, doesn't anyone think about such matters before enforcing it? The bag itself weigh 2-3Kgs, so you are left with 4 Kgs to pack the items you need. I was travelling today and my bag was 8Kgs exactly, and they wouldn't allow me, although i saw other passengers having 2 carry-ons, and i am sure they were over the 7 Kgs limit. I travel a lot and on many airlines, everyone understands that if you have ONE carry-one, they are usually flexible in 1 or 2 kilos. What Emirates are doing is destroying their image with this limits, making passengers angry at the airport, and not living the experience that Emirates used portray. Emirates is a great airline, but with the recent changes happening, and the increase in unjustified prices, i am switching to Qatar Airways & European airlines.

ALI 3 years ago

Karachi -JFK-Karachi is much cheaper to fly than
DXB-JFK-DXB, despite the fact that the flight goes via DXB.
I have availed the former cheaper flight very recently

Stevie 3 years ago

It is sad and disappointing to see Emirates being the architect of their own undoing. This greed of the airline has resulted in many of the Emirates' faithfuls also moving on to Qatar airways - that too for long haul sectors like Canada / US / India. Really hope the business heads @Emirates / government would put this quick buck making behind them and surge towards putting the crown back on Emirates. It is a well loved airline - please don't spoil it.
Meanwhile thank you Mr. Al Habtoor for calling a spade a spade.

Scrooge 3 years ago

It's not just the airlines who rip off UAE residents, everyone is at it! Retailers are amongst the worst, clothing which is 50% more expensive than europe, bicycles which are 200% more expensive etc.

I want to buy a new bicycle and it is cheaper to fly to India and buy it there, fly it back than it is to buy it here! It's only a little bit more than the UAE price to do the same via London!

When you start looking into this a little, it is shocking how badly UAE residents are treated by businesses, we are looked upon as little more than cash cows! Not all of us drive top of the range motors and live in 6 bed villas!

PATA 3 years ago

My salutations to KAH! Finally someone with credibility and power has noticed this mass, rampant & immoral practice of revenue management by all these greedy airlines. No one can fathom why they are paying more for the same seat with no differentiation in service. The airlines with their massive computing power completely abuse tariff and get away with it. It has come to such high levels of automation, that machines are throwing fares at their will and tracking each one's desperation to travel. The more desperate you are, the more the tariff abuse. I hope and pray that the poor passenger gets some recognition and rights with these monster airlines!!