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Mon 22 Mar 2010 03:47 PM

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Emirati author to publish kindergarten 'sex ed' book

EXCLUSIVE: Three book plan for school children; earlier book prompted death threats.

Emirati author to publish kindergarten 'sex ed' book
BOOK PLANS: Emirati author Wedad Lootah. (ITP Images)

An Emirati social worker who wrote a bestselling book on sex education has said that she plans to write a series of three books on the subject for kindergarten, junior school and high school pupils.

“I want to write something for the younger generation, from kindergarten to high school,” Wedad Lootah told Arabian Business in an interview. “It’s all about the development of children and the sex education they need.

“First there will be a picture book for kindergarten that will grab their interest, and then for the bigger ones, grades one to six, there will be Islamic teachings in simple language,” she explained.

“Then for the higher grades who already know everything, there will be the dangers and the negative effects: what is right and what is wrong.”

Lootah, who wears a full-length black niqab, is the only female counselor at the Family Court of Dubai. Her first book, entitled ‘Top Secret: Principles and Etiquette of an Intimate Marital Relationship’, was first published in Arabic last year and became an instant hit, selling more than 17,000 copies.

The book deals with a number of topics of a sexual nature.

It has now been published in English for the first time, to the dismay of hardline critics. Although approved by the Mufti of Dubai, the book was censored in Saudi Arabia, and its opponents have declared its topics taboo. Lootah received death threats from conservatives who argue she is guilty of blasphemy.

Lootah’s second book is currently awaiting publication in Arabic. It is expected to hit shelves in the summer.

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Paolo C 10 years ago

Women seem to be far more courageous than men when finding themselves in hostile environments. Best of wishes.

Valiyakath 10 years ago

Death threats! Death threats ! Death threats !... This is what perhaps the ugliest form of reaction that has brought a bad name by the so called radicals to anything that appears to be breaking the taboo in the Islamic world. To think coherently, rationally is an alien concept to those who oppsose progressive ideas. Human beings have been created to evolve and mature to greater level , but unfortunately that level of progression is not in uniform in every socieity. Some civilizations accpet changes - whether religious, cultural, social or political- to their advantage upholding the universal principle that what is constant is change. Without change a society is subjected to perennial stagnation while others move on by ridding of old , obsolete ideas and adopting new ones as a continuous process. Wedad Lootah is just one among those brave hearts.....

Imran Rafiq 10 years ago

Salaam to all, I think she took best step for all Muslim world. It's nice to near that woman wrote book about human growing knowledge. If we can't talk each other on this matter. it's good to read or write in good manners. After all it's natural. Very best wishes for Ms. Wedad Lootah to take step. I hope in future other Muslim country will follow her idea or books.

Mohammed Aamer 10 years ago

Can anyone please let me know where i can get her book ‘Top Secret: Principles and Etiquette of an Intimate Marital Relationship' ; Please do let me know .. Before hand only Jazakallah.

Mumeen Chowdhury 10 years ago

I felt the need for such book and education on our sexual life ever since i grew up and haven't really read any book which has topics which Ms. Weddad has written. SubhanAllah. She has picked up the best topics which every individual, muslim or non-muslim, must know. And she has written it from the Islamic perspective, this should have been most welcome all over the world to show the rest of the world the best Islamic teachings on sex and marriage. This is an extra-ordinarily useful work of Ms. Weddad which affects all people of the globe on everyday basis. Hence, i wish and recommend that the book's circulation be spread wide and far so everybody can benefit from it, including in all languages. Please let us know how and where we can get the English copy. Congratulations and best wishes to sister Ms. Weddad for her most courageous and useful book for humanity.

Maria 10 years ago

As a parent of young children, I welcome the help this book will offer, when the time comes to discuss the subject all parents dread. I hope that the author will remember that many Muslims are weak in Arabic language, and will make an English translation available soon, and other languages as well.

Mart 10 years ago

This is terrible! Why do children need to learn about these things at such a young age? Why can't they just be allowed to play with their lego and etch-a-sketches? By telling them about such adult things we can only confuse them and make them think about things they should not be thinking about. Education is good - but not at this age!. Wait until they are 16, or maybe even 18 - preferably 21. This is a slippery slope to sexualising our youth - they don't need to know about these things until they want to start a family themselves.

Parent11 10 years ago

Better kids learn the basics, if not techniques early on. It stops malicious rumours and lies. 16 is far too late, by then they have heard everything from friends.

Greer 10 years ago

@Mart - I understand your concern about kindergarten children, but to then take it to the point where people should be taught about it only when they want to start a family is dangerous and a very Victorian or even Middle Ages form of thinking. Proper education across ALL subjects is a must in order to prepare children for the modern world, and to deny them knowledge that is critical to their wellbeing, health and safety, is totally retrograde. I dont think the book promotes teaching sex as such to kindergarten children, but presumably it also does not tell them they were found in the cabbage patch either... Well done, this book is definitely another very important step in the right direction for the people of the world.

Angelika Lancsak 10 years ago

One tough and smart lady! Mabrouk to Mrs. Lootah for speaking her mind and helping the society.