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Wed 28 Sep 2016 10:07 AM

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Emirati graduates say they expect $7,350 monthly salary in first job

Expat university graduates in the UAE have far lower expectations when looking for their first job

Emirati graduates say they expect $7,350 monthly salary in first job

Salary expectations of Emirati graduates is three times that of their expat peers at AED27,000 per month ($7,350), according to a new survey.

Latest research by online recruitment firm GulfTalent reveals that expat graduates seek first jobs paying at least AED9,000 per month, a significant difference.

The survey also showed that Dubai-based airline Emirates Group is the most popular employer for fresh university graduates in the UAE, followed by international consumer goods company Unilever.

The findings are based on GulfTalent’s survey of more than 300 recent graduates and final-year students at the American University of Sharjah.

Also among the top 10 employers were Chalhoub Group, General Electric, Nestlé, ADNOC, Petrofac, PwC, Procter & Gamble and Etihad.

According to the survey results, construction and finance are the most popular sectors for graduates, followed by consumer goods.

The survey also found a sharp divide in preferences by nationality. Among expatriate graduates, 91 percent favour working for multinationals while 63 percent of Emirati graduates opt for government-owned organisations. 

Local UAE private sector firms appear to be the least desired option for both nationals and expatriates, the survey found.

ADNOC, Mubadala and Etisalat were voted the most popular employers among UAE national graduates.

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Mounir Ajam 3 years ago

Although it is fair for anyone to expect the salary he or she wants; as a government, the UAE Gov must consider awareness campaigns on this topic since salaries at these range for fresh graduates - hurt Emiratisation drives. Not many private companies can afford to pay an Emirati a salary that they can hire three people for the same amount. Especially in tough economic conditions.

Mick 3 years ago

so no experience, no business savvy or market understanding is worth the same salary as someone that has spent 8-10 years in the same role? From a practical perspective (and I've been reading the same for 8 years here on ABNews) how does this benefit the company? Do you whip out the UAE passport during a client meeting to seal a contract? It's not getting better and by now it should be with this expectation of entitlement. There is no built in integrity of working hard to achieve like expats have had to endure in their own country. We don't get this back home, no matter where they are from. I know that in Canada (as one of hundreds of examples), I am paid the same as a newly landed immigrant based on experience for a role even if my family has been in Canada before Canada was a country. If the mindset of these fresh grads is entitlement, what will that forecast for their expectations of workload and discipline? Alarming.

Telcoguy 3 years ago

Nobody forces you to hire them. Actually only the UAE government is hiring them.

Sudha 3 years ago

Interesting differences in attitude. When will young people learn that a first job is actually a training ground where you hone the skills learnt at university and become masters of your craft/skill and learn to implement your education in a practical context? It should not be about how much you want to be paid; rather it should be about how much you can benefit and gain from your work atmosphere and the organisation that you work for....Salary expectations can only be set at high, once you have the ability to add value to an organisation - not vice versa!
It is a sad world indeed when the young focus only on their expectations and ignore their responsibilities!

marco 3 years ago

7500 usd per months net of tax so equivalent of 180 000 usd per year in London or Paris or NY!! Seriously lets come back to earth. A 10 years senior account manager a senior trader in an investment bank with 5 years experience is not paid this amount of money! I have a SME in Dubai and I am looking to hire graduates but if it is what they expect i will hire 2 senior person for the same price!!! You cannot buy time and experience is the real value of an employee! What you learn at school is theory who is usually a lot different from reality...

Victory Red 3 years ago

Our friend from Spain needs to do a bit more research. Quotas and partial-quotas have been in play for some time depending on sector and/or company size.

survivor 3 years ago

@telcoguy - actually, banks - (both local and foreign) in the country have been forced to hire them for decades now, with a salary higher than an experienced expat.

Billy 3 years ago

Emiratisation of the private sector will never happen as long as Emirati job candidates hold these unrealistic expectations. Be competitive from both a skills and remuneration perspective or stay unemployed. Simple as that. The business situation these days is too harsh for anything else.

Telcoguy 3 years ago

@Victory, maybe you should do your research. Free zone companies have no quotas (yet)
And while you are at it you could also think how to organize your value chain in a way that minimizes footprint here. Quotas are based on headcount and not on revenue (at least for the time being)

@survivor, I know. In exchange they can get away with some of the most appalling levels of incompetence I have ever witnessed.
The quotas are just a form of taxation in exchange for limited competition.

WHJ 3 years ago

@Victory. You see, Telco doesn't need to do research. The comments he makes are enough evidence that his views are correct, even if these comments don't make sense (as demonstrated by his reply to your post).