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Wed 4 Jan 2012 04:02 PM

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Emirati jockey jailed in UK for killing 3-year-old

Ahmed Aldubaili admitted causing child’s death after driving on wrong side of the road

Emirati jockey jailed in UK for killing 3-year-old
Ahmed Aldubaili pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving

An Emirati jockey has been sentenced to two years in a British jail for killing a young boy while driving on the wrong side of the road.

Ahmed Aldubaili, who lives in Newmarket, Suffolk, admitted causing the death of three-year old Henry Blacklock after his Jaguar crashed into a Renault Clio in October 2010, the BBC reported.

Blacklock’s father was also serious injured in the crash.

The 31-year old will be deported after serving his sentence, a police spokesperson told the BBC.

“This is an extremely sad case and my thoughts are with the family of three-year-old Henry,” said PC Pete Bimson.

“Aldubaili believed he was driving on the correct side of the road but sadly his mistake had tragic consequences that he will now have to live with for the rest of his life,” he added.

Aldubaili, who was sentenced at Cambridge Crown Court, pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving and causing death while driving a vehicle without insurance.

Brian 7 years ago

Only 3 years ???? for driving on the wrong side, causing an accident, killing a 3 year old and driving with no insurance, I wonder what an expat would get in the UAE for a similar offence

Faris Khan 7 years ago

Yes you are right, here in UK we have Judges who live on a different planet with no sense of reality. 3 years is what they consider a life is worth. Ridiculous and disgusting. If it was not for fact that he had no insurance then it might be that you could accept it, but clearly he had no care what he did or who he killed.

procan 7 years ago

Its a motor vehicle accident, resulting in a tragic death.Weather there was or was not insurance is irrelevant. The man was found guilty, his life will surly never be the same as a result of the conviction, emotional outburst is not the proper decorum. Rule of law is paramount in British law. How can two cultures views be so different in regards to law, one punishes the other corrects,our at least they try.

Nasser Almaskri 7 years ago

Why does everyone jump into conclusions! Do you know the guy personally to say that he is careless? I am not at all defending his act and i do agree that there should be a jail sentence as he caused the death of an innocent child but we all don't know the whole story. He probably drove on the wrong side of the road because he was used to a different road system and having the steering wheel on the left side. Its sad to see people passing judgements as if they are saints and as if they know the whole case. what happened to giving the benefit of the doubt?

FMB 7 years ago

I believe he was confused about the driving side of the road, since in the UAE they drive left-hand steering wheel so keep to right side of road. This led to a car accident in which a 3yr old died. It was an accident I believe.

Touhid 7 years ago

I cant believe how judgmental people are being. Firstly how is he supposed to know that they drive on the wrong side of the road in the UK? Secondly some blame must like withe childs parents for driving in as small a car as Renalut Clio. If they cared for their child they would have driven a proper car or SUV which are much safer in the event of a collision.
And above all it is an accdent, which means something that happened by mistake, it is ridiculous to jail people for something that was not intetional. When people are merely fined for intentionally jumping red signals, jailing them for an unintentional accident is very heavy handed

intrigued 7 years ago

How would it be treated in UAE if someone used to driving on the left, was confused and drove on the wrong side of the road resulting in the death/accident of a small child?

We Are The People 7 years ago

Driving a Jag in the streets of a busy town, in a country that applies a different driving system that the one he came from. The problem here is the issue of DUE CARE, was that practiced in this case, the answer is NO. Therefore, the result was an accident that took the life of a 3 year-old child and injured his father. The person that caused the accident was negligent that led to Involuntary Man Slaughter and or Vehicle Homicide charges to be filed against him. It does not matter if the person is used to a different driving system, the minute the driver sits behind the wheel of a car, he agrees and accept to operate that car in the safest way to protect his live and the lives of others around him including their properties. It also says I will take full responsibility of my actions. The sentence that was passed was based on the minimum allowed by law; the max could reach up to 12 years. No Intenet of wrong doing was established hence the 3 year sentence.

charles 7 years ago

FMB he had no insurance either.

Oh but wait, according to you, that was an "accident" as well.
This had tragic and fatal consequences and he will be back home in a very short time.
The family is left to grieve for ever.

James 7 years ago

Toudid, I would love to give you the benefit of the doubt here and believe you're being deeply ironic, but unfortunately it does not seem to be the case.

"Firstly how is he supposed to know that they drive on the wrong side of the road in the UK?". Well, perhaps this is a crazy idea, but by learning and understanding the laws of the road in the country one happens to be driving in? As we all have to do when driving in a foreign country. I know, what a strange idea....

"Secondly some blame must like withe childs parents for driving in as small a car as Renalut Clio". Actually small cars such as the Clio have remarkably good crash protection. Thankfully, someone hurling his jag into one on the wrong side of the side of the road is a mercifully rare ocurrence in the UK.

All in all I agree a custodial sentence is appropriate. Driving with out insurance and without knowledge of the roads is a criminal act itself. More so when it results in the death of a young child.