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Wed 26 Nov 2014 01:25 PM

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Emiratis in private sector jobs to get public sector salaries, benefits

New law being prepared by Ministry of Labour aims to encourage more UAE nationals to work in the private sector - report

Emiratis in private sector jobs to get public sector salaries, benefits

Emiratis who work in the private sector are to be guaranteed the same salaries and benefits of those working in government-related job in the public sector, under a new law being prepared by the Ministry of Labour.

The National newspaper reports that the new law, which is aimed at encouraging Emiratis to work in the private sector, is at an advanced stage and will ensure that UAE nationals working in free zones will be covered under labour law. There was no clarification as to whether the government would subsidise salaries or if companies would be forced to pay higher wages.

The issue was debated at the Federal National Council, where member Ali Al Nuaimi, from Ajman, said the 30 free zones had been exempt from labour law for far too long. He added that the low number of Emiratis working in the private sector was because salaries and benefits were not as good as they are for government workers.

Statistics show that last year, just 0.5 percent of private sector workforce were Emiratis, and 60 percent of the public sector.

maverick 4 years ago

Emiratis are 'First among equals' this reflects the classical society which Islam and our caliphs stirved for.
well done Sheikh Mohammad

Ulevpri 4 years ago

Thats so unrealistic! Emiratis will not join private companies even if they get a better salary, because the work timings are totally different. They would need to work full days, sometimes even half day on Saturdays! Government Holidays, which are far more than private Holidays are another reason why you will never convince them to change. The differences between public and private businesses are not just the salaries and the solution is definitely not to force companies to pay the same salaries as like the government.

RealityCheck 4 years ago

This is just the periodical noise made every year around these dates. It will most likely turn to nothing, like the past 5-6 times because this would certainly kill the economy of this place as most companies can not afford to hire locals at those levels

You could pull any of the old news to read the messages that we will get here over the next few days

Same old, same old.

Doug 4 years ago

Surely a better option would be for the Government to cut salaries across the board in the public sector? This would then have the effect of boosting national reserves and get rid of the issues of who on earth is supposed to be paying wages at the rate of the public sector in the private sector.

Private sector companies cannot afford to shower their employees with dozens of holidays, a big fat pay packet and the option to clock off at lunchtime, because that's how business works. So rather than penalise private companies for working within the economic realities of the world, surely the public sector should be the one to change?

Henry richardson 4 years ago

Also can someone please make sure Emiratis dont get subsidised Electricity and Water rates. Once it is stopped, daily car washes, watering the garden every hour and blasting airconditioners in Dec- feb will also stop.
It will also give the poor maids a respite from the twice a day multiple car wash and save the environment.

I am paying 3 times my emirati neighours, rates , effectively subsiding him and he uses 10 times my consumption

Khalid Al Hazred 4 years ago

Yes the Noisy children have expressed themselves on Arabian Buisness before planning their night out which includes booze filled activities and maybe some pornographic gathering.

Govt sector employees work 7 till 2 and 7:30 to 3:30 - not very different when you compare that to 9 to 5 jobs only a 9 to 5 job is very depressing unless you prefer the pretend to work then go and have a drink in DIFC culture.

Emiratis come first and like in the UK where one has to hire british nationals if they have a buisness or wish to invest etc - you guys need to stop whining and getting worked up because the national population is very small - we need our people to work in the govt sector and other institutions so a mass influx of Emiratis into the private sector will happen after 100 years not now.

Calm yourselves my dear contract workers no one will steal your jobs or drain your hard earned cash you wish to send back to your dying economies.

Ana 4 years ago

It is a good move to encourage the Emaratis - but it may not be the way to do it. Being the citizens of this country - yes well deserved. But such partiality ? Torture of one group for the benefit of the other ? Right approach ? Especially at this time when human rights is a big issue in this side of the world. A little bit of a reality check would not be a bad idea after all!

Hyder 4 years ago

Good only 11.5 % of U.A.E. population are Emiratis.
It will be a great step encouraging locals to work in private as well.

RealityCheck 4 years ago

To make your idea work you would need to break the link between the welfare benefits and the job, that is jobs get whatever the salary is for that position (public and private with the later paying more as it is most often the case), independent of nationality, and then Emirais get their handouts straight from the government, and companies pay any taxes to cover up for the gap (yes children what we are discussing here is a "tax")

Unfortunately that would be totally unworkable from a political perspective as it would be too transparent on its actual costs, it would reduce even further the willingness of the local population to engage into paid work (with median salaries of 3,000 dhms there would certainly be little incentive for someone getting 10 times more for just "being") and would kill the myth of the UAE as a tax-free haven

As a rule politics trumps microeconomics and this place is not an exception. Let's consider that the price of stability

Matt Williams 4 years ago

@Khalid - Wow! Dying economies, well we both know that is not the case given the fact that for eg the UK economy is once again showing year on growth.

How you have managed to steer this discussion towards the issue of alcohol and pornography is beyond me.

I do understand your points ref population and the need to protect and develop your own nationals, I have no issue with that as I am very grateful to be here but please try not to be so disrespectful towards those who have come here and in many ways have had a huge impact on building and shaping this city.