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Tue 3 Aug 2010 09:54 AM

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Etisalat announces BlackBerry replacement packages

Only customers on 12-month deals to receive replacement smartphones.

Etisalat announces BlackBerry replacement packages

Telecoms giant Etisalat on Tuesday announced the alternative packages available to its BlackBerry customers in the wake of the UAE’s decision to ban the service from October 11.

All customers who have subscribed to Etisalat’s BlackBerry services package on or before July 31 will be provided with a base package as default, the firm said on a statement on its website.

The base replacement package consists of bundled SMS, MMS, bundled data usage, bundled voice minutes to choose from, and alternative smartphones.

Etisalat also said that add-on packages are also available.

Customers already on a twelve-month contract will be offered a choice between free minutes and a replacement smartphone. The full list of alternative devices is listed on the Etisalat website, and includes the Nokia E72, the Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro and the iPhone.

However, customers that do not sign up for the full-year deal will not be provided with a free smartphone, and will instead receive free monthly minutes.

Further details of the packages are available on the company’s website.

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Mick 9 years ago

I won't replace my smartphone. I'm keeping my Blackberry 8900. Etisalat....this is just another way to use this situation to gouge customers down the road that don't see it coming. "what do you mean extra charges and confusing fees??" At least you will have all your valuable info "secure" noone can write to someone using BBM detailing the new plans for some even bigger building.

kingkaiser 9 years ago

So instead of my emails, blackberry messenger, and internet, I get to pay the same for 800 sms's???? I certainly hope I've misunderstood whats on etisalats webpage, because otherwise i just want my money back, not some handset that they'll probably price up before giving it to me.

nigel 9 years ago

this is like one of those scam emails where they tell you you have won 12 million and by the end of it they are asking you for money! this started out as a security threat but they have now shown their true colors and made it about getting more money out of us and giving phones that are not even in the same game let alone league!!!!!

Rob 9 years ago

What could be better advertising for Research in Motion than that its devices are too secure to be spied upon? The service sector accounts for a major part of the economy and 1.8 million tourists visit every year many of whom will be none too pleased when they find their Blackberrys will not work! The UAE's Blackberry decree clouds the UAE's future not RIM's!

Dave 9 years ago

Rob, the main problem UAE has with BBerry is that the data is not accessible to the UAE but is available for RIM and therefore for Canada, US etc. That is teh biggest security hazard asd you dont know what RIM will do with the data, as they wont be accountable before UAE Courts for their actions. Anyone caring for their safety would never have used something not accessible to the UAE, but accessible to the US and RIM

Naveen Shetty 9 years ago

I have heard from many that in all countries across Middle East, bluetooth facility being used for illegal activities. Will they ban mobiles with bluetooths as well for the same reason as even this may cause serious danger to nations security

Telco guy 9 years ago

@Dave do you really believe what you posted? I feel better now, then, UAE privacy laws and consumer protection rights are for sure more protective than Canada ones... Do you realize that the whole point of BBerry was secure messaging and what is asked from RIM is to give blanket access to the communications? not on an individual case by case basis as until now?