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Sun 1 Feb 2009 11:09 AM

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Etisalat warns customers of phone call scam

The company is urging cusotmers not to give out personal information to unknown callers.

Etisalat has issued a warning to its customers of a scam that involves fraudsters posing as its employees who tell customers they have won cash prizes, it was announced on Sunday.The Abu Dhabi-based telecommunications company has said the scam asks people for their personal information so they can claim the prize, which is then used to rip them off.

The company has confirmed it is not running any prize schemes at present.

And is urging customers not to give out any confidential information such as bank account details, PINs, eVouchers or recharge card numbers to unknown callers who contact them via phone, SMS or email.  

In a statement it says the origin of the scam is Pakistan and is not limited to UAE but is an international phenomenon.

"No such raffle or lucky draw campaign is currently being run by Etisalat. Etisalat promotions are well advertised in the media and the winners are informed through a standardised process." it said.

"In case of any confusion, customers should call 101 and verify the calls or SMS they have received," the statement added.

Earlier last week, Mobily also issued an alert for its customers to beware of similar prank calls.

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husam 10 years ago

"Congrtulation. Computer has selected ur number to win free gift & to register for the Megan Car. Send your EMIRATE name now and before 24 hours to know ur gift / AED 10" The above is the text message that I personaly have got two days ago. Obviously to me, cost would be AED 10 if I reply. but honestly, I do not think all mobile holders know that the COST of sending the message is 10 Dirhams. Is not this a scam? mey be not if really there is a gift. Even if it is pen for one dirham to be collected from Fujeirah by end of 2009 as an example. I suggest that Etisalat should do something to stop this.

Ramzi 10 years ago

If there is ONE thing I have learned in my short time on this world is this: "THERE IS NOTHING FREE ON THIS EARTH" If someone wants to give you AED 10 it is because you will pay AED 20 for it directly or indirectly. Trust me, NOTHING IS FOR FREE, not even advise!

mathews 10 years ago

I Think Etisalat should track down the U.A.E pakistani's who are encashing on the Phone cards or vouchers stealed by the pakistan based callers. the scamers benefit only by selling the phone voucher numbers in their own community. Etisalat has all the Tech Know how to do this

gerard fernandez 10 years ago

i recieve a call yesterday noon from this no.+923216094338 he said that im winning of that amount 500,00 dhs. but he speak urdu language.i suggest to track this no. and be that it will not happen again to anyone.sirs i trusted etisalat hightech gadgets.

zakia 10 years ago

hi i got a call from pakistan and this person who called me couldnt speak good english was telling me that i won 1 lakh dirham as my mobile number has won this draw and when i asked him from where he was calling me then he told me that they are running in oman and by this i caught him and tol him that he was calling me from pakistan and this intelligent person very easily started lieing that it was a international call and asked me to send him my account number and passport photocopy. i knew he was a cheat, that why i didnt picked any of call calling out side of UAE. Now couple of days before i got six messages and there was written that i won a toyota land cruiser from japan interprises and the number was +256715460859 and told me to contat some owen as i didnt replied they started calling me as well.

Shahzad Hanif 10 years ago

I got a call from pakistan cell number. That person who call me speak in urdu. First he gives me 2 or 3 time miss bells, later on I call at that number, That person says to me I am calling from etisalat call center and he says that your mobile number is selected in a etisalat winning promation and you win 15,0000.00 you give me your any ID then I send you the cheque number, later on He said to me send a etisalat Mobile recharge card number worth 500.00 AED. for countineu your winning prosses, Isaid to him that time card is not available, he said can you send us with half an hour, I said no. After that I asked to him give me your office location and he said you don't trust us. if you not trust then drop the call there is other winners waiting. so I drop the call. He call me from that number # ++923477932661......30-04-2009

Anon 10 years ago

I just got a missed call from a strange number and called back to check. It was an international number not sure if it was from Pakistan. There was a man who spoke with a heavy accent telling me I had won 2 million Dirhams, etc., I thought it was a scam so I hung up and called Etisalat. The service executive I spoke to was very unhelpful and said that I should not talk to Etisalat but complain to the police so that they were aware of it if I was ripped off. First he said he had no idea about a scam. Then he said I had nothing to worry about if I didn't call the person again. Then during the conversation he revealed that the person was a hacker. I asked him if the hacker could do anything now that I had called back and he once again advised me to go to the police. Why are Etisalat customer care executives so unaware of what is going on? And doesn't Etisalat want more information on this hacker? The guy I spoke to at Etisalat had the cheek to tell me that the police would keep collecting similar complaints and once there were enough complaints, they would bring it to Etisalat's notice. Not the case, I think, considering that this article above exists.

Fareed Ahmed 10 years ago

I got a call from pakistan cell number. That person who call me speak in urdu. First he gives me 2 or 3 time miss bells, later on I call at that number, That person says to me I am calling from etisalat call center and he says that your mobile number is selected in a etisalat winning promation and you win 20,0000.00 you give me your home location/area/flat# etc,and your ID/Bataqah#.meanwhile he cut the call.

DR.VSRS 10 years ago

On 22nd May 2009 (Friday) at 6 PM, I received a call in my mobile from another mobile number (971) 050-1795014. The person (male) said that his name is "Faisal Ali", a supervisor in Etisalat. He said, my mobile number has won 500,000 AED in an Etisalat lottey. He asked me to call back to confirm the winner details. When I called back, he asked for my name to verify. I gave my short name and he said it is OK. Then he asked for my ID card or passport details. I refused to give the details and said that I can give it in person, only to any authorised officer in any Etisalat office. Subsequently he said something, which I did not understand. Next day morning ( 23rd May 09, Saturday) I went to the Etisalat office at Meena road (2nd floor) sharjah, and explained about the caller from 050-1795014. They said it is a spam and they cannot do anything about.

Anish 10 years ago

I don't think Etisalat is bothered about providing any help on these matters but they should at least comment on it or block these numbers when subscribers are complaining - At least Qtel in Qatar are providing some help.