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Mon 11 Apr 2016 10:35 AM

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Expats aged over 50 “less efficient” say Bahraini MPs

Parliamentary bloc argues for ban on older expats as country attempts to combat effect of low oil price

Expats aged over 50 “less efficient” say Bahraini MPs
(AFP/Getty Images)

A group of Bahraini MPs has tabled a plan to ban all expats over the age of 50 from working  in the country on the basis that they are less efficient than their younger colleagues.

Gulf Daily News reported that the proposal was submitted to parliament on Sunday by the National Partnership Parliamentary Bloc, as an amendment to a 2006 labour market law.

“When expatriates reach the age of 50 they are unable to do their work as intended in the best way possible, which affects the quality and efficiency of work,” the proposal stated.

While there is no age limit for expats to stop working in Bahrain, the official retirement age for both locals and expats is 60. Expats can continue working beyond that age if they pass a medical.

Bahrain has been considering several new measures for its expatriate population as the country struggles with the effect of the low oil price.

In December, a member of parliament suggested new taxes for expats that he argued could bring in as much as $1 billion annually.

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Jack 4 years ago

Does being over 50 affect locals ability to do their work too? I wonder what the typical age is for the local MPs who issued this ridiculous statement?

james 4 years ago

Capability is not age-related, nor ethnicity based.
If you don't want expats, just bring in laws to deal with it.

Manijeh 4 years ago

This ban is so ridiculous, it would be funny if it weren't in fact so serious. Don't these MPs know that any expat, irrespective of their age can be sacked if they don't perform efficiently?
If they think people above 50 cannot work efficiently (I don't agree) I think this ban should only apply only to locals who cannot be sacked easily.
Expats above 50 can put in more work and take on much more responsibility since their duties towards the family have considerably reduced; their children are out of the country, studying, married, leading their own lives leaving the parents free to devote all their energies to their work. Older parents or sibling or other dependents are back home, as they were never here to start with.
Maybe the MPs who put up this proposal need to hire some "old" expats to find more practical ways of increasing the GDP and creating jobs for younger Bahrainis.

Doug 4 years ago

Could be rather awkward given the majority of CEOs, MDs etc. are more likely to be over 50. Hooray for unintended consequences, eh?

Santosh Arukh 4 years ago

Age is not the factor of efficiency or inefficiency . The main factor the person how is effective for work and organisation. The above 50 age is most experienced and good worker for organisation. The old people are the economic background of any country.

Look the economic of Japan and China with considering age.

Sami 4 years ago

Experience comes after 45. So,.....

Rustam Salmeen 4 years ago

Age is just a number. Evaluate efficiency of a person based on quality and timeliness of the delivered products.
In fact, with experience and knowledge that increases with age, quality and timeliness of delivered products increase.
The only issue with age is that of health. Legislate mandatory minimum health standard and enforce it fairly, instead of raising alarm on age, which is a mere number.

Piyam 4 years ago

This is a wake up call. Simply telling us that one day, they will need us no more. After helping to put up the refineries, sky scrappers, roads, bridges and what have you, we don't have to enjoy them after age 50. Ridiculous! Don' worry, our reward is in heaven.
Just take stock of the top performing companies in the world and tell us how many top CEOs are below age 50.