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Mon 23 Nov 2009 08:30 AM

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Fewer drivers killed on Dubai roads last year

Number of motorists killed in car crashes fell for the first time in eight years - RTA.

The number of motorists killed in car crashes in Dubai fell for the first time in eight years as a result of lower speed limits, officials have revealed.

One hundred and fifty seven traffic deaths were recorded last year, down from 180 in 2007, figures from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) show.

On one stretch of Sheikh Zayed Road deaths declined from 29 in 2007 to 10 last year after the speed limit was dropped from 120kph to 100kph, the National reported.

“The RTA has constructed several strategic projects capable of curbing this dangerous trend,” Maitha bin Udai, the head of the Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) Traffic and Roads Agency told the paper.

“[We] are continuously studying and revising the speed limits on roads with the highest accident rates.”

The number of drivers caught speeding fell slightly last year from 1,310,184 in 2007 to 1,229,948, while pedestrians who were killed by cars also decreased from 132 to 106.

“People know where the cameras are on all the main roads ... and they are not going to go fast,” Salah Bu Farousha, chief traffic prosecutor, told the paper.

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Mick 10 years ago

I know that it is normal to express an always unanswered "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE DRIVERS?" statement but seriously!? How can we make this better? More police on the roads? Better road infrastructure? Reducing speed limits? More education? I like to go fast as much as anyone and wish I had tried my luck in F1 at an early age but didn't and am not exactly a little old man when I drive there is a massive problem with the allowance of reckless driving here. My friend and I, for example, were driving from Abu Dhabi to Dubai back home like we do everyday when a man runs right up the shoulder in his silver SUV doing at least 180 and then passes us by an inch and then spends the next 20 km trying to kill us. He was making every effort to slam us from behind flashing wildly right at our bumper, race across three lanes to slam us in the side and then get in front of us and slam on the brakes so we had to immediately avert to the other lane which was, thankfully, empty. We did nothing to provoke this and he was just mad. I have never seen anything like this in my life. We finally lost him in traffic and he turned off at Ghantoot. What is wrong with these drivers? We got lucky that we didn't get into a wreck with this Mad Max but I am told that "it is normal". Why is this normal??? Why does it need to happen?

Andy 10 years ago

How does these figures compare with the obvious decrease in driver numbers over the same period? Are we seeing an improvement in behaviour or just less traffic? Either way it's welcome news.

Ahmed Imlarff 10 years ago

Congratulations to the RTA and Dubai Police for their work in saving lives out on our roads. Now it is time to aggressively discourage tail gaters and boy racers by actually stopping them in the act and imposing severe fines and penalty points. Please rely on the speed cameras to do all of the work, whilst we see idiots speeding past police patrols every day on SZR.

gordon 10 years ago

Hi Mick, can I make a suggestion. If you travel with someone, then let him video this driver with your mobile. You can pass that onto the police...you could also post it on youtube.. These people have to be removed from the roads. They threaten other peoples lives. Gordon

alex 10 years ago

To all: I would like to make the point first that every driver on the roads has his and her faults in driving behaviour including me. However this is what causes the traffic mess here and it would be great if a UAE celebrity started a campaign support by effective policing to tackle: 1) Obsession with the outside lanes - even with completely empty inside lanes as far you can see 2) Staying in the outside lane until the last minute before cutting accross 3+ lanes for the exit 3) Tail gating and intimidation 4) No patience - why take a short cut along the dirt just to get a few cars ahead - if everybody was patient and filtered properly then as if by magic the traffic would flow and everybody would benefit 5) Not looking far enough ahead 6) Not filtering into flowing traffic but going to the end of the feeder lane and pushing in to get ahead 7) "Status" on the road - just because you have a 4x4 doesn't mean you always have to be infront. 8) No signals 9) 140km on the straight and 60 on the bends........ 10) Obsession with fog lights - there are not bling just make you look well you get the drift Summerised by lack of smiles behind the wheel with traffic jams, and accidents caused out of nothing PS: Oh I laughed when it rained - it is not difficult to drive in the rain but aptly demonstrates the lack of general awareness of driving here