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Fri 25 Jan 2013 09:42 AM

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FIFA confirms new probe into Qatar 2022 bid

Ethics investigators says they will conduct thorough review of allegations of wrongdoing

FIFA confirms new probe into Qatar 2022 bid
(Getty Images)

FIFA ethics investigators have confirmed they are going to examine claims of wrongdoing in the bidding process for the 2022 World Cup finals which were awarded to Qatar.

Allegations regarding Qatar's winning bid have circulated since the tournament was awarded in December 2010 despite numerous denials by the Gulf state's organising committee.

Now, FIFA has said that a fresh investigation will take place into the bidding process for the 2022 World Cup and the 2018 tournament which was won by Russia.

In a statement, the chairmen of FIFA's Adjudicatory and Investigative Chambers — Judge Hans-Joachim Eckert and Michael J Garcia - said: "As has been publicly announced, certain allegations regarding events surrounding the bidding for the World Cup 2018 and 2022 were referred to the Ethics Committee by FIFA following media reports.

"We intend to conduct a thorough review of those allegations, including the evidentiary basis for and credibility of any allegations of individual misconduct."

In November last year, organisers of the Qatar 2022 World Cup tournament hit back at bribery allegations published in UK media, calling the reports "malicious and reckless".

The Sunday Times newspaper claimed Qatar officials considered offering $1m to the son of Amos Adamu, a member of the FIFA Executive Committee that handed the tournament to the Gulf state in December 2010.

Qatar has consistently denied any suggestion of foul play accusing those who tried to undermine its bid of a smear campaign.

Many critics have called into question Qatar's size, its lack of footballing heritage and the hot summer weather as barriers to hosting the tournament.

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Kifah ELmousa 6 years ago

How come that whenever Qatar shines in one area or more, we start seeing all that attacks on a state that is trying to use its resources toward building itself rather than pouring into the laps of others to decide what to do with it. In summary, Qatar does need guardians and by the way its not gaining much of hosting such event more than the recognition it cropped being one of the faster nation in multi-front development.

matt 6 years ago

Kifah, you are one deluded individual...

Berash 6 years ago

What was the 2nd promise that Michel Platini made when he voted for Qatar.

According to reports:

"When I told the Emir of Qatar that I would vote for them, I told him two things," Platini, "First, I would fight for it to be in winter."

What was the second promise?

Anyone who knows? Please advise.

Mr Platini,

Who initiate the idea of moving to winter? You? The Emir? Or someone else? Why had you fixed the location first without thinking the "heat", "problems of moving to winter", and "the breaching of bidding conditions" first. What actually was your motive?

Paan Sing Tomer 6 years ago

This is one of the problem if someone unknown wins big. Looks to me that always the winner has to be a known westener. Tell me how many times FIFA world cup has been played in the west than in the east?
This allegation issue is lingering arround for more than two years now and probably will be arround till 2022. What happened to those investigation that has been carried out to date? Not good enough? So we need one more investigation! and after that another.......
The west has to accept that the wind has already started to blow towards east. The development, facilities and infrastructure in these countries like UAE, Qatar will make many of those so called first world countries feel inferior. This is not an attack on West but a fact.
We all know that some people make their living by raising concern that is not there in the first place. Here is a classic example "FIFA ethics investigators". Better spend the money for some better cause!........ Supporting football in poor nation...........

qatar resident 6 years ago

Qatar should have this tournament. For a tiny state to be the first in the MENA/Arab world to be awarded this is a positive for football. They will do it as well as any other state when the time comes. In regard to bribery, rumours have accompanied every Olympic and World Cup bidding process. Should webe surprised that Qatar's bid would be different. Newspapers and TV sell themselves by such allegations, let's have a bit of a more attitude for a change!
FIFA's mission to spread football worldwide is the prime reason Qatar got this tournament together with a proven ability to run and pay for it.

procan 6 years ago

They are simply looking for criminal acts committed in the process of obtaining the hosting rights for the 2022 World Cup. If there are none, then its no worries Qatar will host the Games period.

Paolo C 6 years ago

Ethics Committee by Fifa!!!!???? It's like washing your hands with your own soap. Please. Who are they trying to fool.

Irfan 6 years ago

I second that!

Anon 6 years ago

Their human rights record should be investigated too.

John 6 years ago

Investigations are underway:

Paraguay's FA head Nicolás Leoz, 84 – unhappy after German press alleged he took a bribe to vote for Qatar 2022. Leoz, who denies separate bribery claims related to Fifa's ISL scandal, told local media: "A while ago the press in England were at it, now the German press do it. I don't know, what is it that drives these people?"

Hopefully the truth will out and the World Cup will be moved to somewhere like Australia or one of the other countries that put in honest bids.