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Mon 3 Jun 2013 12:36 PM

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First Kuwaiti hospital starts morning ban for expats

Ministry of Health began implementing the new system at Jahra Hospital in Kuwait City

First Kuwaiti hospital starts morning ban for expats

Kuwait’s ban on foreigners attending public health facilities during the morning has started at the first hospital.

Earlier this year MPs agreed to set separate times for nationals and expats to attend public health facilities after complaints of Kuwaiti patients having to wait for treatment because of the large number of expatriates, who make up about two-thirds of the country’s population.

Kuwaitis will be given priority for medical checkups at public hospitals and clinics during the morning, with foreigners only able to access doctors in the afternoon, unless it is an emergency.

The decision is seen as favourable to nationals because expats would have fewer hours to seek medical attention. It has been criticised by some as being racist.

The Ministry of Health began implementing the new system on Sunday at Jahra Hospital, in Kuwait City’s west, where a six-month trial will take place before a decision is made on whether to broaden it to all public health facilities.

Kuwait provides free medical services to citizens but expats must pay an annual fee of $175 each besides paying reduced charges for certain procedures such as x-ray.

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MSA 6 years ago

This does not seem logical at all. Healthcare is for ALL no matter who you are, where you are.
To solve this, why can't they just build separate blocks for nationals and expats especially when they are building a NEW hospital, and have dedicated doctors for both. This way the attention will not be biased and both the parties will get equal services without feeling less important.

Abdullah Saeed 6 years ago

Working as consultant histopathologist in Saudi arabia, I believe this is a worst example of racism in a muslim country. Among GCC countries Kuwait has a worst track record of expat abuse. Shame for a so called muslim arab country.Though racism also prevails in Saudi arabia but I feel Saudis are much much better than Kuwaitis. I fully agree with the posted comments of Mr. MSA.

shaheela salim 6 years ago

Is going backward, that too from 10th richest country,which has highest HDI in the Arab world. Expats serves for them, of course they are well paid,But In the case of health care/medical care better find another solution which will be convenient for both. otherwise Its seems like racial discrimination. Islam says all mens are equal, Hence I wish it must not happen from your end.

Billy 6 years ago

MSA...this move is clearly not about healthcare it is about further marginalizing expats. How many more messages do Kuwait's expat community need.....leave now are not wanted.

Charles 6 years ago

I'm an expat in Dubai, and like most I respect the local laws and traditions. But in my native England if anyone dared to suggest that an Arab (or any foreigner) could not use a medical facility to give priority to the English, they would be arrested and charged with stirring racial hatred. There would be marches and protests even riots in the streets.

How far the Middle East has yet to go.

Jitesh 6 years ago

Why not make seperate Five Star Facilities for Locals in Kuwait ?
Why make them wait even with fellow country men.

This will ensure that both locals as well as Expats will get seperate services.

What is all the expats leave the country ??

The Local can have the previledge to use these hospitals themselves.

Are the Nurses and doctors Expats or Locals , even they should not be allowed !!!!!!

Hisham 6 years ago

When asked about whether racism was worse during the 60's or in present day America under a (kind of) black president, Jesse Jackson argued it is worse now. Why? Because it went underground, and thus became more difficult to deal with and discuss. Everyone just buries their head in the sand and acts as if it's not there, while it is clearly omnipresent. All one has to do is look the slightest bit beneath the surface. So to comment on your comment without necessarily agreeing to segregated healthcare, these eulogies of the West and how great things are there are something only non-colored people can agree with. Therefore, whenever you use such arguments and comparisons you're just showing how much of a hypocrite you are if the tables are turned...

Elizabeth 6 years ago

Shame on Kuwait!

expat 6 years ago

@Hisham...At least it is "underground" in the west which means anybody who dares to do it in public can be sued and put in prison. While in this case in question, it is sanctioned by the state...I don't know if you clearly see the difference...I hope and pray they see the folly of this act.

Kaptain Saif 6 years ago

LOL on the mindset..!!