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Tue 16 Dec 2008 04:21 PM

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FNC calls for expat sponsor salary hike

Assembly says that minimum salary required for expats to sponsor families should be raised.

The Federal National Council (FNC) has proposed an increase in the minimum salary required for expatriates in the UAE to sponsor families, UAE daily Gulf News reported on Tuesday.

The minimum salary requirement for an expat to sponsor a family should be raised from 4,000 to 10,000 dirhams, the elected assembly proposed, according to the newspaper report.

Gulf News said that the FNC also suggested that applicants for family visas should be asked to submit bank statements from the past six months, detailing salary transfers.

The assembly also proposed that expatriates should have to earn a minimum of 15,000 dirhams a month to be allowed to sponsor housemaids, while the annual fee for sponsoring a housemaid should be raised to 7,000 dirhams.

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Suru 11 years ago

I think the FNC does not understand what civilians mean to a city and its economy.....

David 11 years ago

Great! I guess the FNC decided that it would be best during these tough times to "kick 'em while they're down" and eliminate even more jobs from the market. Let's kill the working goose who lays the golden eggs that build this economy.....................shameful!

Aadil 11 years ago

Yet another stupid proposal. Please implement so we can see the faster downfall of this place.

Mpower 11 years ago

They can start with me; kick each and every expatriate out of this country and then try and run/live/rent/ each and every free zone, corporation, media, building, marina, hotel, water park, on their own, and they can sponsor each other. The root of the crisis started way back when they didn't allow anyone below the bracket of dhs 4000 to sponsor their family, these were the brackets who spent everything they made in the country there was zero savings but they were glad that their family was with them, they lived hand to mouth, finally when their family went back so did a lot of foreign exchange ever year. Don't make it so difficult for the expat that he feels completely disillusioned and unwanted in this country specially during this rough patch, this is the time to relax the laws and try and revive confidence, optimism rather then create further depression by such negative legislations. The ball is in their court.

angelo 11 years ago

I often wonder how some of these ideas are arrived at - Is it a spur of the moment - "Hows about this for an idea" whilst they are having coffee, and since there are no committee stages to sound the scheme out - the next thing its put into effect no matter what. Then sometimes Department heads have to make retractions. Never mind the expense stress and hardship these apparent random decisions make, add to this that often no time seems to be spent on training those who have to implement the rule - this leads to confusion or, an individuals interpretation of the rule with dire consequences for those affected.

Amar- Brisbane 11 years ago

While it is seems like a great idea to filter out the low income groups, would the FNC be thinking of implementing an actual salary hike for expats as well. The FNC seems to have no clue of what this step means in the wake of the global economic downturn. What would UAE be without expats? another desert with tall skyscrapers with their own stories to tell?

Rahul Dev 11 years ago

Recession...Job cuts....No increments....lack of job security....No loans from banks....an average of 1000 visas being Annuled DAILY.................. YUP the futures LOOKIN GREAT..... Dubai Govt. I hope you have some conscience to know what you are doing to the people of this city.... It is not just the Sheiks that live and breath in this city....

Michael Charles 11 years ago

Does this mean that an expatriate who is new to the country and earning a fat monthly salary of Dhs 100,000 needs to wait for 6 months to prove his salary income? Sounds ridiculous!

CG 11 years ago

...and unbelievable! Not much else to say except to echo Suru's comment.

John 11 years ago

They seem to make decisions blindly without considering the average resident. At this rate they will drive the average residents away and be stuck with highly paid expats that are from the "preferred" countries, who couldn't put in an honest days work...good luck to the UAE