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Sun 18 Aug 2013 03:40 PM

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Former FA chief suggests re-bid for 2022 World Cup

David Bernstein urges rethink on 2022 tournament if Qatar cannot host in summer months

Former FA chief suggests re-bid for 2022 World Cup

FIFA should consider a re-bidding process for the 2022 World Cup rather than move the competition to winter, according to former English Football Association chairman David Bernstein.

Qatar was chosen to host the World Cup but temperatures can reach 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) in the desert state during the summer, leading to calls to switch it to earlier in the year.

However, that would have severe consequences for the world's biggest domestic leagues such as the English Premier League which has already voiced fears over a winter World Cup.

"My end view is either that it should be left where it is or there should be a re-bidding process," Bernstein, whose successor Greg Dyke described a summer tournament in Qatar as 'impossible', told the BBC.

"It was a strange award in the first place, we all know that."

Bernstein said he was against the idea of the tournament being moved as Qatar won the right to host the World Cup on the basis of a summer bid, using air-conditioned stadia.

"My personal view on this is unchanged. In 2010 FIFA awarded two World Cups at the same time. It was a controversial thing to do and I believe that FIFA regret doing it now," he said.

"Bidding for a World Cup is a serious business. There is a lot of money and national prestige involved.

"The bid that Qatar submitted was a summer bid. It was accepted by FIFA as a summer bid so I don't believe that it is impossible to hold the competition in the summer.

"It may be undesirable, with fans coming out of cool stadia into boiling heat clearly an issue," he added.

"But I think the idea of just arbitrarily changing from summer to winter smacks of what I would call a false prospectus."

Qatar beat bids from South Korea, Japan, Australia and the United States. Russia will host the 2018 World Cup.

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Qatar friend 6 years ago

Qatar has always agreed and are confident to hold the FIFA 2022 in summer. It seems the whole world just woke up to find that the summer is hot in Qatar. There is a very huge fan base of FIFA and football in the middle east countries. They have money and will spend it for conducting the event properly. While the world should be supporting a country like Qatar, it is really a SHAME on those who talk against the country for hosting FIFA.

King Kong 6 years ago

Shame what?

Ready what?

Everyone knew before. That is why the UEFA promised before the bid to change to winter afterwards.

Bharat Jashanmal 6 years ago

David Bernstein - Sour grapes I'd suggest!

The Avenger 6 years ago

Bernstein and England never bid for 2022 , or do the facts not really matter ?

Hold it in the summer or lose it , it's always been the case , not sure how it's took some people 3 years to understand in gets to 50 degrees in the summer here .

shaheen 6 years ago

It is the fashion in the Gulf for expatriates to travel to their home countries for months in the summer to avoid the unbearable heat which often rises beyond 50 degrees. Even the Gulf locals spend the summer months overseas the richer ones travelling to western countries. It is not a good idea to hold the FIFA 2022 in Qatar in the summer few people will be able to bear the heat.

James Bobly 6 years ago

uefa have no input on where/when its held - its not their tournament

pete 6 years ago

Millions or fans live in the heat and play football. Its time for the Europeans to experience the Middle east. Come and enjoy. Its not going to kill you. Its a First Middle east country to host it. So make the most of it and help make it a success instead of crying about it.

Annie 6 years ago

It seems ridiculous to think that Qatar wouldn't fulfill it's promise if it went and bid for the FIFA World Cup in 2022. I hope they do not lose the bid. What is the problem if they build the air con stadiums...??. That would be amazing.... People spend most of their time in AC out there in the ME anyway because of the heat.