How to beat jet lag when you don't have time to deal with it

If all else fails, survive on coffee. But first, read our tips.
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If you’re a frequent business flyer, travel season is all year round. But with the rush of the job, there is little room to rest, let alone recover. This leaves you irritated, dehydrated, tired and restless; in other words, jet lagged. But before you go surrendering to the coffee, try some of our ways to eliminate exhaustion and boost energy.

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Fuel your body:

And we don’t mean with coffee or other caffeinated drinks. A cup of coffee is a must when you’re low on energy, but if you’re going to overdose on something, let it be liquids such as water with lemon or orange juice. This will keep your hydrated and provide your body with some Vitamin C. More importantly, consume food that is high in energy, such as bananas, eggs, spinach, almonds, salmon and yogurt. Do so during your flight and afterwards, and feel a difference in energy.

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Keep moving

It’s hard to keep moving when all you want to do is collapse on a bed of pillows. But contrary to popular belief, moving around regularly (even when you are tired) can boost your energy. It keeps your blood flowing and your mind and body awake. Simple stretches, which can be done at your desk, can also make a difference. Check out our piece on exercises you can do at work here.
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Listen to music:

And we’re not talking Celine Dion. Opt for upbeat music that is high-tempo. It reportedly makes your heart pump faster as it tries to sync with the tunes. It makes you more focused, too. Just like your body tries to match the tempo, so does your brain, instantaneously awakening. Music also triggers the release of feel-good chemicals (endorphins) in your body, making you forget all about your jet lag.

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Power nap:

It’s called a power nap for a reason – because it actually works. Put on your shades and take a 30 minute nap to help reverse sleep damage. Nap in the car or on a couch during lunch. Make sure you don’t pass the 30 minute mark, or your body will go into deep sleep and leave you feeling more tired than you were to begin with. Shorter naps that are five minutes long also stimulates liveliness and vigour.

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Our quick fix: vitamins, eye drops and coffee

Try finding a pill that has all 13 vitamins that your body needs. Get a prescription first to make sure you’re taking the right dosage. Vitamins can make an enormous difference in energy levels, and could very well save you from jet leg. For your eyes, which get tired, dry and red, opt for eye drops. This will immediately help soothe them and make you feel more alert. No more sleepy eyes. Finally, clasp your hands around a coffee, and enjoy the temporary buzz.

Mon 10 Jul 2017 02:22 PM GST
By Lubna Hamdan