In pictures: Top 10 riskiest holiday destinations for mobile fraud

Stay safe this summer with these security tips and tricks
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In 2016 Intel Security and MSI International discovered the riskiest places where mobile threats are increasing. Before you find out which holiday destinations attracts unwanted cyber thieves, take a read on how to stay safe on holiday in the next image.
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Password manager firm Keeper Security has complied a guide on how you can keep safe on your travels. 1. Ensure all apps are password protected, and ideally stored in a password management system. 2. All passwords should include eight or more characters with a combination of nonsensical letters, numbers, and symbols. 3. Avoid using ‘public’ digital devices, such as those at coffee houses, libraries, and bookstores. They are often notoriously riddled with malware lurking to steal your information. 4. Only use your own chargers to charge devices, as cyber thieves can install malware into hotel and other public docking stations.
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10. Greece: 75K mobile threats
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9. The Netherlands: 320K mobile threats
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8. Portugal: 375K mobile threats
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7. Italy: 400K mobile threats
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6. Canada: 400K mobile threats
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5. Poland: 475K mobile threats
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4. France: 700K mobile threats
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3. Spain: 1.7 million mobile threats
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2. UK: 2 million mobile threats
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1. US: 5 million mobile threats
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