How to maintain your car in a scorching hot summer

Keep your vehicle running safely with care tips from ride-hailing app Careem
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When highs of 40 degrees Celsius hit the Middle East, you know it’s time to look after your car. Not only can high temperatures wreak havoc on your vehicle, they can also do damage to your health.

Tyre failure can put drivers at risk of accidents, while old AC filters can see them catch air-borne infections. Dubai-based private ride-hailing app Careem runs multiple Care Centres across the region. UAE care centre manager Hamid Moaref shares his tips on keeping your car running safely this summer.

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Fill your tyres with nitrogen

Tyre failure can occur when it is least expected, especially with high temperatures, as they are the only thing that is in contact with the road. Moaref recommends checking your tyres every quarter and replacing them if necessary. A good tip he provides to make tyres last longer is to fill them with nitrogen instead of regular air. Nitrogen doesn’t expand even if temperatures rise inside the tyres, thus making them last longer.

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Change your battery every two years

Cars work harder in hot summer months, and so does your car’s battery. Within the GCC especially, car batteries can commonly work for up to two years. This is due to the extensive use of the vehicle’s air conditioning and the greater degree of evaporation of the fluids used throughout car, according to Moaref. He strongly advises motorists to check their car battery at periodic intervals.

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Don’t forget to replace your AC filters

Since your car’s air conditioning system will be working in overdrive throughout summer, it is essential to make sure it is working at the optimum level. “All of the AC filters need to be checked and replaced if dirty. Cleaning the filters makes a huge difference to the air circulating whilst inside the vehicle,” Moaref says. If the filter is clean, it reduces the chances of getting an air-borne infection. In addition, the Careem Care Centre recommends getting an AC disinfectant job done as well.

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Check the level of fluids in the car

“It is essential to regularly check the level of fluids within the car, from the engine oil to the engine coolant in order to keep the vehicle performing at the optimum level,” says Moaref. By doing so, you can prevent the overheating of the engine and reduce chances of a vehicle breakdown.

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Always park in shade or cover your car in it

Parking under shade or covering your car with a sun shade can make a big difference when it comes to maintenance as it reduced the impact of the sun’s rays. It also keeps the car cooler, and lowers the chance of the engine becoming overheated. Furthermore, it keeps the interiors from facing and cracks from developing on the dashboard.

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By Lubna Hamdan