Corneliani CEO reveals 5 style essentials for the travelling businessman

Hectic schedules can leave little room for style notice, says Paolo Roviera, CEO of multi-million Italian men's brand Corneliani
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Hectic schedules can leave little room for style notice, but ever-changing trends mean even top chief executives are pressured to keep up, especially while travelling and faced with varied weather. Paolo Roviera, CEO of multi-million Italian men’s brand Corneliani, understands the struggles of the modern, travelling businessman.

Speaking to Arabian Business, Roviera says he believes a businessman’s wardrobe should be functional and easy to maintain. The former CEO of eponymous Italian brands Ermenegildo Zegna and Pal Zileri shares his top favourite style essentials, which are, while very practical, tremendously stylish.

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“If I have to pack 5 things in my ideal luggage, I will pack a blue suit, because I think you can never go wrong when wearing a nice blue suit; a three-piece suit, because I also like the vest. Blue is something that is easy to wear. Black, for me, is too “dinner.” It is something you wear after sunset, unless you’re a very trendy guy. But blue is something you can wear from 6am to midnight,” says Roviera.
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“A nice sports coat(s), like the ones we have in our collection, which are very easy to wear, like our ID jacket, which you can wear while travelling,” says the chief executive. Corneliani features light jackets and coats that work well with both formal and casual wear.
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“For sure, a pair of jeans,” recommends Roviera. Corneliani also boasts a wide range of various shades of blue to compliments formal suits as well as casual and sporty wear.
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“A leather jacket, because I love leather so much,” he says. While most style aficionados agree leather is a timeless must-have, it may seem unnecessary for a GCC-based businessman. However, for those who travel to colder climates often, a classic leather jacket is an absolute essential.
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“A pair of sneakers, so you can walk comfortably, [but also] because I like eating international [cuisines], but then I feel guilty, so I go to the gym to try and recover what I have eaten,” says Roviera, laughing.