In pictures: The UAE's 2050 climate change plan

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Last week, the UAE unveiled its National Climate Change Plan for 2017-2050 - an extension of its previous 15-year strategy to 2030.

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1. What is the goal of the plan?

The UAE wants to meet a third of its energy needs through ‘clean’ sources by 2030, with at least 27 percent of energy to come from renewables and nuclear. The new plan sets out a framework for achieving this target.

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2. How will it do this?

It identifies three priorities: develop an accurate way to measure and report carbon emissions; predict and manage the effects of climate change on the economy and society; increase private sector involvement in all of the above.

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3. What challenges does the UAE face?

The 2015 UAE State of Energy Report says it has one of the largest carbon footprints in the world. Efforts have been made to shrink this, but there are inherent challenges of water scarcity, high temperatures and fossil fuel dependence.

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4. Who will oversee the plan?

The UAE Council for Climate Change and Environment, drawn from federal and local government as well as the private sector, will work with scientific and academic institutions, companies, schools and residents to build campaigns.

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5. How does climate change impact us?

Climate change is expected to cause meteorological changes across the world, including rising temperatures, changing rainfall rates and extreme weather events such as storms and floods, with severe socioeconomic consequences.