5 tricks for productive business trips

Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts advises business travellers on how to make their trips more effective
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The global business travel for the hotel sector was estimated at $488 billion in 2016, according to the latest research from STR Global, with businesses spending up to $2,600 per trip. But to get the best return on investment, business travellers must be productive. This can be difficult when jet lag, stress and overwork comes into play. Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts, part of the IHG global portfolio, partnered with productivity guru, writer and speaker David Grady to share how business travellers can deal with those factors and make their trips more effective.
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Take advantage of commuting time: Set to-dos while en route, instead of piling up tasks for when you reach your destination. Getting small tasks done one at a time will help ease the load and allow for some relaxation after a day of travelling. Business trips also have packed agendas, so prepare a thought-out schedule before you arrive to stay on track.
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Create a workplace: It’s easy to get distracted when travelling, even if you’re just in your hotel room. To stay productive, make sure you set up your desk or table right after you check in and unpack. Have your charger outlets and files ready so that it’s easier to get right to work when you pop back into your room between meetings.
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Sweat it out: Many of us go to the gym to shape our bodies or strengthen them, but the gym is also a place to destress and recharge. It can be difficult to find time to exercise when travelling, but half an hour at the fitness facilities in your hotel shouldn’t be too hard to fit. Remember that physical activity relieves anxiety, improves productivity and releases endorphins to lift your mood.
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Get some shut-eye: If you’re too tired to concentrate, it is a sign your body needs sleep. Try getting an early night instead of going out for dinner. If you have a hard time falling asleep early, take a bath or try some natural remedies like essential oils. Crowne Plaza offers aromatherapy kits, which use camphor and eucalyptus oils, as part of their sleep advantage programme.
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Try a different approach: Sometimes we work better from a Starbucks coffeeshop than we do at the office, just because it provides a different environment and a change of scenary. Instead of meeting at the conference venue or working from your hotel room, do business a little differently and choose an outdoor location, such as a local café, to work at.