In pictures: 5 things to know about - trends in fashion tech

Emerging new technologies, such as 3D-printing, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality are set to revolutionise the global fashion retail landscape. Here's what might happen
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An AI robot on display at Gitex.
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Drone delivery: UAE Companies are testing high-speed delivery drones for goods under five kilos, with logistics, shipping and e-commerce companies such as Emirates Post, Souq, DHL, Amazon, UPS, Aramex and Fetchr planning implementation over the course of in 2018.
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Robotic tailors: Factory production lines that use sewing robots, manufacturing anything from t-shirts to rugs, are opening around the world. One $20m facility opening in Arkansas in 2018 will be staffed by a group of 330 t-shirt making robots from Softwear Automation Inc.
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3D-printed clothing: Designers, from Chanel to Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen, are using 3D printing to produce unique pieces. The footwear industry has seen Adidas, Nike and US startup Feetz laser printing shoes for sizeable production runs.
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V-commerce: The first virtual malls are now going online in places such as Allison Crank’s virtual reality shopping centre called The Reality Theatre mall, which users access with a VR Oculus Rift headset, and lets consumers shop alongside digital giraffes and zebras.
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Smart clothing: Smart clothes integrating digital technology include Apple’s launch of a Hermes branded smartwatch, while Levi’s has partnered with Google on an interactive jacket with electronics embedded in the fabric that connects to your smartphone.