What if Bitcoin was a country?

Comparing the key demographics of the expanding Bitcoin nation
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Cryptocurrency resource CoinList shows how Bitcoin measures up against key national demographics and statistics to give a picture of the 'Bitcoin nation'.
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With a market capitalisation of $172 billion, Bitcoin would be the 58th largest economy in the world, just ahead of Kazakhstan (GDP $157.8bn).
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The energy required for Bitcoin mining, around 34.86 TWh per year, makes it the 60th biggest consumer of energy in the world, just behind Bulgaria, which consumes 34.9 TWh per year.
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CoinList says that the crypto nature of Bitcoin makes it hard to guess the number of users, but around 13 million people use the Coinbase exchange alone, which would place it just behind Somalia (population 14.7 million).
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The number of Bitcoin users doubles every month, says CoinList, making it by far the fastest growing population in the world, ahead of Lebanon's 9.37% population growth.
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The average annual income of a Bitcoin user is between $50,000-100,000, making for the sixth wealthiest 'nation', just behind the citizens of Luxembourg and their average salaries of $76,600. Bitcoin users are also overwhelmingly male (90%), and almost 40% are 25-34 years old.