Three reasons why 5G at Expo 2020 is a big deal

The race begins once the standardisation rolls out this October
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The UAE’s telecoms regulatory agency aims to be the main driver in launching 5G services in the country
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1. Network evolution: The most obvious benefit of 5G is that it’s 100 times faster than 4G. That means, given the current size and quality of content online, white screens when loading websites or waiting for YouTube to buffer videos will be a thing of the past. You can also say goodbye to calls dropping over voice connections or SMS unable to send – everything will take place over mobile broadband.
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2. Smarter phones: The current generation of smartphones can’t support 5G. But with the endless possibilities 5G will unveil in terms of content, smartphone manufacturers are racing against the clock to be able to support 5G. The first 5G smartphones could start trickling in by 2019. By 2020, expect a new smarter-phone manufacturer war to be in full swing.
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3. Internet unleashed: The Internet of Things (IoT) hasn’t made itself apparent yet but 5G will bring it to the fore. Siemens’ new IoT operating system will be able to take advantage of the massive boost in bandwidth and capacity to send data and signals to a host of machinery and equipment that hasn’t transformed logistics so far because it has been limited by the current connections.