In pictures: Inside Abu Dhabi Tourism's refurbished headquarters

Eschewing stereotypical government offices, Broadway Interiors redesigns Abu Dhabi tourism's workspace to foster collaboration.
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The office is bright and airy, with an open plan design that did not isolate functional regions.
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Broadway Interiors subdivided the space into an open plan zonal design concept, providing flexible operation underpinned by the principles of biophilic design to promote active working and well-being.
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Some of the most notable aspects of the office include a living wall column framed with mild steel artwork, timber ceiling detail in the main entrance, and tiered seating in the ‘Speaker’s Corner’.
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The entire right side of the old office was knocked down to provide an open plan layout, while the left side was made the “quiet side”, which housed sound-sensitive rooms such as prayer rooms, a clinic, as well as training and recording rooms.
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As the brief called for an organic approach when it comes to materials used, Broadway Interiors made use of joinery items with raw plywood finishing, with its beauty relying on the wood grain character and innate colour.
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In the general areas, concrete stucco walls have been softened by carpet tile flooring that mimics grass; the recording room has a glass wall and has been furnished with heavy curtains, carpet tiles and acoustic wall panelling that aids sound absorption. The prayer rooms have been designed with ombre stucco walls and handtufted wool carpets.