Gallery: Fashion brand Twisted Roots to dress Expo 2020 Dubai staff and volunteer

Emirati designer Latifa Al Gurg will showcase her chic but sustainable creations on a global stage at the next World Expo, after winning a competition to dress more than 30,000 Expo 2020 Dubai staff and volunteers.
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Emirati designer Latifa Al Gurg, founder of fashion label Twisted Roots, will work closely with Expo 2020 to develop the uniforms, which will be worn by the Expo workforce as they welcome millions of visitors to the six-month event in Dubai from October 20 2020 to April 10 2021.
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The uniforms will be proudly worn by more than 30,000 Expo 2020 staff and volunteers
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The finalists were evaluated based on criteria including practicality, the inclusion of sustainable elements and their representation of Emirati culture, while staying true to the Expo 2020 brand.
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Twisted Roots’ winning concept combines traditional and modern cultural references, and takes inspiration from the sky, the stars and the desert.
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The concept also incorporates the Expo 2020 subtheme of sustainability by encouraging people to donate their old fabrics, which can be recycled to help create the new uniforms.
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Al Gurg said: "My journey so far has been incredible; I have grown immensely through this process. I have learnt so much about the UAE and what it means for us to host the next World Expo. This is a unique opportunity for us to show the nation’s warm hospitality to the international community, and I hope that everyone who wears the uniform feels an immense sense of pride as they welcome the world to Expo 2020."