Five things to know about the hot consumer trends for 2019

Ericsson report reveals that autonomous and mood-predictive technology could soon play a bigger role in people's everyday lives
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Awareable technology: Six in 10 users think devices that sense and react to our moods will be mainstream in three years. When this happens, devices will act on situations rather than commands. Fifty-six percent of virtual assistant users want a smart speaker that lowers its voice in such a situation.
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Smart quarrels: What will happen when we let different types of virtual assistants (VAs) into various devices in our homes? Thirty one percent think VAs in their own household would start quarrelling like family members and 66 percent believe such family scenarios will be common three years from now.
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Spying apps: The feeling of having someone looking over your shoulder is becoming almost impossible to shake off. In fact, 47 percent of respondents believe many popular apps use cameras and location information to collect data about their behaviors – even when the apps are not being used.
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Enforced agreement: Forty seven percent of consumers think the internet needs a new business model beyond advertising. And as many as 42 percent of respondents in the study say the internet needs to be changed fundamentally if it is going to be a force for good in society again.
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Internet of skills: Imagine a YouTube video that interactively personalises instructions to help you do something you have never tried before. Eighty-two percent of AR/VR users believe that this type of instruction will be mainstream in only three years.