Gallery: Volkswagen unveils zero-emission SUV

Volkswagen unveiled the newest member of the ID Family - the ID ROOMZZ in Shanghai. The series version of the ID ROOMZZ which is equally suitable for families and business use, is scheduled to take to the road from 2021.
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Volkswagen is expanding its electric ID product range with a multi-variable all-round model the new ID ROOMZZ.
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With three rows of seats, the series version of the ID ROOMZZ is a spacious SUV that will be released around the world in 2021.
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ID ROOMZZ is the sixth model in the ID Family.
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ID ROOMZZ combines the effortless charisma of an SUV with smart Volkswagen e-mobility design.
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ID Pilot mode, the concept car can drive autonomously without an active driver.
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Plenty of space inside allows for completely new seating configurations, turning the SUV into a lounge on wheels for a life on the road.
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Digital, glass-front panel with dashboard and steering wheel ‘floats’ in front of the driver as a visual display.
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Interactive light zones provide passengers with information via intuitively perceptible lighting effects.
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Two electric motors can continuously drive both axles with a system output of 225 kW.
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The CleanAir system uses an active filter system to ensure that the air in the vehicle interior remains clean even if the ambient air isn’t.