Gallery: The winners of World Superyacht Awards 2019 revealed

The 14th edition of The World Superyacht Awards, in association with Oyster Yachts took place in London from 16 - 18 May 2019.
DAR – Francisco Martinez / George Ajoury
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Motor Yacht of the Year: DAR

Length: 90m | Builder: Oceanco | Naval Architect: Azure / Oceanco | Exterior Design: Luiz de Basto | Interior Design: Nuvolari Lenard

The judges were in high praise of this yacht’s sculptural lines and organic, shark-like exterior. Every detail of the beautifully executed and engineered interior has been carefully considered, including the bright and fresh décor which combines ocean themes with pale timbers, rich fabrics and luxurious leathers. The overall aura of this sensational vessel is pure peace and harmony. The judges particularly admired the waterfall on the bridge deck which cascades down into a large swimming pool.

Source: Boat International

Black Pearl – James Richardson
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Sailing Yacht of the Year: Black Pearl

Length: 106.7m | Builder: Oceanco | Naval Architect: Dykstra Naval Architects / Oceanco | Exterior Design: Ken Freivokh / Nuvolari Lenard | Interior Design: Gerard P Villate/Nuvolari Lenard/Ken Freivokh Design

Black Pearl was praised by the judges for her practicality, size and comfort – but also her outstanding economy and efficiency. A groundbreaking technical configuration means she is able to cross entire oceans without using a drop of fuel – a feat previously unheard of in yachts this size. This, among a whole host of other attributes, led the judges to award Black Pearl the highest possible honour of Sailing Yacht of the Year.

Source: Boat International

Rosehearty – Jerry Herring
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Voyager's Award: Rosehearty

Length: 56m | Owner: Joey Kaempfer | Builder: Perini Navi

It was clear from the beginning that this vessel had been on an outstanding journey. The owner joined the voyage on King George Island, just off the Antarctic mainland. From here the first passage was south-west to Deception Island, a volcanic cone emerging from the sea, the flooded crater of which can be entered through a narrow passage named the Devil’s Bellows. A serene anchorage gives access to abundant sea life, thermally warmed beaches and amazing scenery. Onwards, their path took them to Trinity Island, Melchior Islands, Port Lockroy and Palmer Station. A true voyage of a lifetime!

Source: Boat International

Dream – Frederic Ducout
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Converted Yachts: Dream

Length: 106.5m | Original builder: Halic Shipyard | Refit yard: Olympic Yacht Services | Refit naval architect: Olympic Yacht Services | Refit exterior design: Studio Vafiadis / Olympic Yacht Services | Refit interior design: Ciarmoli Queda Studio

The judges concluded that this was an extraordinary conversion, from a cruise ship to a personal luxury yacht with modern interiors, that improved the whole vessel beyond recognition. The exterior profile of the vessel has undergone significant change, with the inclusion of a huge sundeck pool and helipad-cum-basketball court, while the interior has been revamped in an understated and modern style, and now includes a host of additional features, including a cinema, teppanyaki bar and accommodation for 36 guests and 40 crew members.

Source: Boat International

Haida 1929 – Christopher Scholey
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Rebuilt Yachts: Haida 1929

Length: 71.1m | Original builder: Krupp Germaniawerft | Refit yard: Pendennis | Refit naval architect: Cox & Stevens | Refit exterior design: Cox & Stevens | Refit interior design: Adam Lay

Throughout the 17-month sublimely executed refit, 110-tonnes of steel and 90 percent of the pipework were replaced, the whole interior tastefully reworked and early external features reinstated. The team behind the rebuild elected to keep original features of the vessel, preserving years of history and characteristics evocative of her era. Her original engines were rebuilt to their original specification rather than replaced. The judges admired that the whole ethos of the work was one of respect for the integrity of this historic yacht.

Source: Boat International

G2 – Quin Bisset
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Refitted Yachts: G2

Length: 39m | Original builder: Vitters | Refit yard: Pendennis | Refit naval architect: Tripp Design | Refit exterior design: Tripp Design | Refit interior design: Nauta Design

The owners of G2 had a clear vision for this superyacht. The aft deckhouse was removed entirely to create a flush open deck space and the main cockpit extended to permit a larger dining area. To keep the interior light, two large new skylights were fitted, and dark wood was replaced with lighter, more contemporary shades. This yacht was made as maintenance-free as possible for her upcoming circumnavigation by servicing, upgrading or replacing all machinery and systems. The judges considered that the extent, quality and outcome of the 11-month refit were exemplary.

Source: Boat International

Vijonara – Stuart Peace
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Sailing Yachts 30m to 59.9m: Vijonara

Length: 42.2m | Builder: Pendennis | Naval architect: Hoek Design | Exterior design: Hoek Design | Interior design: Owner / Hoek Design / Hermès

Not only was this striking boat built to the very highest standards, but sea trials revealed her to be an outstanding performer under sail, particularly in lighter breezes. The judges also praised her welcoming accommodation areas, which are beautifully paneled in wood and trimmed with fine leather supplied and crafted by Hermès.

Source: Boat International

Black Pearl – James Richardson
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Sailing Yachts 60m and Above: Black Pearl

Length: 106.7m | Builder: Oceanco | Naval architect: Dykstra Naval Architects/Oceanco | Exterior design: Ken Freivokh / Nuvolari Lenard | Interior design: Gerard P. Villate / Nuvolari Lenard / Ken Freivokh Design

The judges agreed that Black Pearl was a huge step forward from the first yacht of this type, 88-metre Maltese Falcon. Displaying excellent eco-credentials not only due to her sails, but also in her ability to power all onboard systems from a pair of shaft generators and a considerable battery bank, Black Pearl is a truly cutting edge yacht – and a new benchmark for the industry.

Source: Boat International

RJ – Alberto Cocchi
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Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts 30m to 32.9m: RJ

Length: 31.6m | Builder: Arcadia Yachts | Naval architect: Arcadia Yachts | Exterior design: Arcadia Yachts | Interior design: Hot Lab

It was apparent to the judges that RJ was a standout entry. Not only was the vessel built to the highest standard, but also it displayed an immediate connection with the ocean through abundant and clever use of glass and fold-down balconies. The judges also admired the yacht’s considerable solar panels, which feed power back into the yacht, her quiet, economical cruising and long range.

Source: Boat International

Brigadoon – Moonen Yachts
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Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts 33m to 39.9m: Brigadoon

Length: 36.3m | Builder: Moonen Yachts | Naval architect: René van der Velden / Diana Yacht Design | Exterior design: René van der Velden | Interior design: Nauta Design / Studio Indigo

This well-constructed yacht has a sophisticated and classically timeless look. She was praised for her brightness and external views from an interior that is both comfortable and welcoming. Additionally, the judges made note of the well-appointed crew quarters that can accommodate up to 6 people – an area often overlooked. The master cabin includes details such as full-width windows to allow the owners to take in the raw beauty of the ocean.

Source: Boat International

Utopia IV – Tom Van Oossanen
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Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts 40m and Above: Utopia IV

Length: 63m | Builder: Rossinavi | Naval architect: Arrabito Naval Architects | Exterior design: Enrico Gobbi – Team For Design | Interior design: Enrico Gobbi – Team For Design

The judges were impressed by this yacht’s sleek, modern lines, understated interior design and the well-conceived layout. Almost every facility expected on a yacht of this size – from superb beach club to large tender garage, and from spacious deck areas to excellent crew quarters – was incorporated. Also noted was its high quality of build and impressive 33-knot top speed.

Source: Boat International

Mimi La Sardine – Maurizio Paradisi
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Displacement Motor Yachts below 299GT: Mimi La Sardine

Length: 33.5m | Builder: Cantiere delle Marche | Naval architect: Cantiere delle Marche / Hydro Tec | Exterior design: Nauta Design | Interior design: Nauta Design

The team behind this vessel has managed to put relaxation at its heart. The style of the whole yacht was applauded for its use of organic materials and unfinished wood to create an immediate holiday atmosphere that is at the same time sophisticated and luxurious. This, the judges concluded, is a great family yacht where everyone will feel at ease.

Source: Boat International

Viatoris – Conrad Shipyard
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Displacement Motor Yachts Between 300GT and 499GT - 30m to 47.9m: Viatoris

Length: 40m | Builder: Conrad Shipyard | Naval architect: Diana Yacht Design | Exterior design: Reymond Langton Design | Interior design: Conrad Shipyard

This yacht attracted praise from the judges for her timeless and elegant exterior. Her interior layout was also admired for its ideal distribution of the yacht’s volume between guest, crew, public and technical spaces. The ideally positioned fold-down balconies create an airy interior, while the abundance of large windows provide a front-row seat to the ocean. The owner had specifically requested that this yacht be made to feel like a home, not a hotel.

Source: Boat International

Cecilia – Moowe
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Displacement Motor Yachts Between 300GT and 499GT - 48m and Above: Cecilia

Length: 49.6m | Builder: Wider | Naval architect: Wider / Sydac | Exterior design: Wider / Fulvio De Simoni | Interior design: Wider / ideaeITALIA

The winner of this award was a superyacht that the judges felt points the way to the future. One of her most significant aspects is a propulsion system in which diesel generators drive electric motors. As a result, Cecilia’s engines are notably quiet and economical, making for a far more relaxing environment. In addition to these technical features, the yacht has a seven-metre swimming pool, a helipad, float-in tender dock and dedicated submarine bay.

Source: Boat International

Spectre – Jim Raycroft
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Displacement Motor Yachts between 500GT and 1,999GT: Spectre

Length: 69.3m | Builder: Benetti | Naval architect: Mulder Design | Exterior design: Giorgio M. Cassetta | Interior design: Benetti

Spectre was built for an experienced yacht owner with very specific requirements and, in the judges’ view, the builder met all of his requests in admirable fashion. Perhaps the most complicated demand was the requirement for a top speed of 21 knots, around five knots faster than previous builds of this size. The layout of the design was also admired; it incorporates a well-proportioned master cabin with panoramic views, a large VIP cabin and a gym with the perfect way to cool down – direct access to the water over a fold-down platform.

Source: Boat International

DAR – Francisco Martinez / George Ajoury
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Displacement Motor Yachts 2,000GT and Above: DAR

Length: 90m | Builder: Oceanco | Naval architect: Azure / Oceanco | Exterior design: Luiz de Basto | Interior design: Nuvolari Lenard

In this closely contested category containing the biggest yachts, the secret ballot revealed the winner to be DAR. The judges singled out the almost 400 square metres of darkened glass panels for praise. These define the striking exterior and provide incredible views and also privacy to the interior. The complexity of installing the sizeable 1.8m by 3m glass panels was noted, as each had to be completely flush with the superstructure – and resistant to movement when the yacht is underway.

Source: Boat International

Elandess – Mike Jones / Waterline media
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Judges’ Commendation – Elandess

Length: 74.5m   Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen | Naval architect: Abeking & Rasmussen | Exterior design: Harrison Eidsgaard | Interior design: Harrison Eidsgaard

The first commendation of the evening was awarded to a yacht that drew the admiration of the judges for its extremely attractive exterior design. An enormous multi-level sundeck with swimming pool and dining areas conceals the fact that the wheelhouse is positioned on a mezzanine level below. Wide side decks, enjoyed by strolling guests and supremely useful to crew, and concealed exterior lighting were two additional features lauded by the judges. But perhaps the standout feature is the semi-submerged Neptune lounge, with three-metre high ceilings and an exterior wall of near full-height glass, one-third of which is below the waterline.

Source: Boat International

White Rabbit – Mark Stothard / True North Mark
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Judges’ Commendation – White Rabbit

Length: 84m | Builder: Echo Yachts | Naval architect: One2three | Exterior design: Sorgiovanni Designs | Interior design: Sorgiovanni Designs

While it is unusual for this award to be dedicated to two winners, the judges felt that White Rabbit was notable on so many levels. The timeless exterior lines provide an elegant profile and her interiors are vast, thanks to the trimaran form. Her diesel-electric propulsion offers exceptionally quiet and smooth passage-making, with engine noise all but eliminated. The sheer scale of this vessel is impressive enough alone: the 20-metre beam makes for a huge main deck saloon where over 200 guests can be entertained in elegance. The judges felt that it was a no-brainer that she be awarded a commendation.

Source: Boat International