Gallery: Al Faya Lodge at Mleiha archaeological site in Sharjah

The project is the latest addition to the Sharjah Collection - a group of boutique hotels and desert retreats located in key locations across the emirate, spearheaded by Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq).
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Al Faya Lodge comprises five bedrooms, a reception lounge, dining area, library and roof terrace.
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The lodge, spa and restaurant buildings are separated by a through-road, creating a sense of urbanism within the project.
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Al Faya Lodge by Dubai and London-based studio Anarchitect, located at the foot of Mount Alvaah in the emirate of Sharjah.
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The lodge consists of the restoration of two single-story buildings from the 1960s that were originally a clinic and grocery store, which are now the restaurant and main lodge.
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The project also required the addition of a new building which houses a saltwater spa.
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The project is also defined by its close proximity to the UAE’s first petroleum pump, which has been preserved within the arrival sequence of the lodge, welcoming visitors.
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The raw, rusted condition of the heritage pieces is reflected in the Corten steel, which is used across the project as an architectural intervention.
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Adjacent to the lodge is the spa and pool area, defined by its dense cast-in-situ concrete form, use of Corten steel and perforated butterfly doors.