Gallery: Look inside the UAE coffeehouse Kava & Chai DIFC

UAE's home-grown specialty coffeehouse Kava & Chai, created by Crescent Enterprises, has five open locations in Dubai and Sharjah
4Space Design
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UAE's home-grown specialty coffee shop is located in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).
4Space Design
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4Space Design has stayed true to its brief by creating a space that elevates design.
4Space Design
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Live coral colours have inspired the seating pods and chairs.
4Space Design
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Teal structured pipes featuring leafy graphics paying homage to the coffee roasters used by Kava & Chai for their popular blends.
4Space Design
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The soft lighting works brilliantly with the natural materials to create an almost palpable rhythmic aesthetic that enhances the surroundings.
4Space Design
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An element of sophistication is provided by the oak counter inlaid with coffee beans and tea leafs paying tribute to the Kave & Chai's DIFC café.
4Space Design
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The parametric ceiling serves as the focal point. For more information click here