Gallery: Syrian kids enjoy movies through the outdoor mobile cinema

Sitting on coloured plastic chairs in a schoolyard of rural northeastern Syria just before dusk, the boys and girls watch wide-eyed as the first black-and-white images of "The Kid" appear on screen
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In a schoolyard of rural northeastern Syria, boys and girls break out into giggles watching Charlie Chaplin's pranks, a rare treat thanks to a mobile cinema roving through the countryside.
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Lively piano music rings out across the school basketball court, as Chaplin plays a tramp who rescues an orphaned baby in the 1921 silent movie.
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Laughter rises above the darkened playground as he tries to clean the baby's nose or to feed him from a kettle strung from the ceiling.
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Syrian-Kurdish filmmaker Shero Hinde is screening films in remote villages using just a laptop, projector and a canvas screen.
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The mobile cinema's objective is also to screen "films linked to protecting the environment and personal freedoms", Hinde said.