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Wed 23 Apr 2014 10:01 AM

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Gang ordered to shoot Emirati during second London assault

Masked thieves carrying hammers, knives and guns broke into family's apartment

Gang ordered to shoot Emirati during second London assault

An Emirati man and his wife have been attacked in their London apartment this week in the second such assault on UAE nationals in a month, state news agency WAM news reported.

UAE Ambassador to the UK, Abdul Rehman Ghanem Al Mutaiwei, confirmed the attack on Tuesday, saying masked robbers, carrying hammers, knives and guns broke down the couple’s door and entered their apartment.

They threatened the family and stole money, jewelery and credit cards, he said.

Al Mutaiwei said the Emirati man dropped the mask of one of the attackers, who had ordered his accomplice to shoot him because he identified his face.

However, they fled the scene after hearing nearby sirens and fearing the police were coming.

Al Mutaiwei said neighbours alerted police, who immediately launched an investigation and found some of the stolen items, WAM reported.

The ambassador said that as soon as he received a call from the UAE citizen early Tuesday morning he rushed to the house.

He said the family was fine and had been taken to an apartment owned by the Dubai Office in London.

“The British Police are still investigating the incident,” he said.

Meanwhile, four British nationals charged over the alleged assault of three Emirati sisters at their London hotel on April 6 are due to reappear in court on July 3.

The three Emirati sisters were visiting London, along with three children aged between 7-12 years, when they were attacked by an assailant with a hammer.

The incident took place in their room on the seventh floor of the Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch in the early hours of April 6 when the victims interrupted a burglar who had gained access to their unlocked room.

Philip Spence, 32, of no fixed address, has been charged with three counts of attempted murder and one count of aggravated burglary.

Thomas Efremi, 56, of Upper Handa Walk, Islington, has been charged with handling stolen goods and fraud by false representation and James Moss, 33, of Hanley Road, north London, has been charged with handling stolen goods.

Carly Baker, 31, also of Hanley Road, is charged with handling stolen goods.

The three men have been remanded in custody while Baker has been bailed.

A 34-year-old man, who was also arrested over the attack, has been bailed.

One of the victims, a 36-year-old woman, lost her left eye and has only five percent brain function. Her sister, 34, suffered two skull fractures, a broken left arm and a fractured cheekbone, while the third victim, 31, has a fractured skull and a ruptured left eardrum.

Ian Naysmith 5 years ago

It is news such as these that make me ashamed to be British. Dubai is such an amazing place and the people there are so gracious that I can not imagine why these criminals are targetting them. They deserve nothing less than a life sentence though I doubt they will get even a few years from the spineless British judicial system

Hecter 5 years ago

London should have a new title...."The City of Hammers" or "The Capital of Hammers"

tasleem 5 years ago

May Allah give them health , and also their families
And the attackers must be punished

Doug 5 years ago

I would have thought it fairly obvious why a criminal would try to rob an Emirati in London - by definition, an Emirati in London is likely to be wealthy and have a high quantity of portable, expensive items on them (phones, iPads, diamonds, hard cash). Criminals do not target people on the basis of whether or not they're gracious; they target them on the basis of whether the risk is worth the financial gain from doing so.

While I recognise this is a serious armed assault, I would question whether a life sentence is appropriate. They sentence people to life for murder, not robbery. No-one is dead. No-one is even injured. If the sentence for armed robbery is the same as murder, then you will simply encourage all armed robbers to murder their victims.

RAH 5 years ago

Ameen tasleem. May Allah reward those ladies with a place in heaven and bless their families for this terrible ordeal and hard times.

RAH 5 years ago

Doug I think Ian was referring to the last part of the article which recaps what happened last week to the poor women hence his judegement of deserving life in prison and I fully concur with him. These 4 deserve nothing but life in prison regardless if the women were wearing a rolex watch or not. Wearing jewellery should not be prison immunity for attempted murder. If it were, no one is safe out there anymore.

Zaka Ullah Khan 5 years ago

Instead of the judge, once criminals are identified and proved guilty let the vicitims decide what they wnat done to the criminals.

Doug 5 years ago

Oh, I absolutely agree with enforcing as severe a penalty as possible on the those who attacked the women in a hotel. The consequences of that attack are absolutely appalling and I would argue are actually worse than murder.

I also think you may have misunderstood my comments on jewellery. Of course, robbery in all its forms is wrong. I was merely explaining (NOT excusing) why these Emiratis have been targeted by criminals. The sad fact is wherever you are in the world, where there are those who have and those who have-not, you will have theft. You will note though that the response of both the police and this family's neighbours was extremely positive and I am confident this foreign family will be treated with all the respect and dignity that would be accorded to British citizens.

SA1 5 years ago

I do agree punishment for serious robbery is not should be cutting of both hands from the wrist, which will prevent them from doing similar acts in future and in the risk/reward analysis this will be factored in by the would-be robbers. Mere few years/months/weeks sentences just reduces the risks a lot for them.

Though for armed robbers & treats to life, it might be that local laws would consider attempt to murder and press for strong chargers.

Omar 5 years ago

haha thats the craziest comment i have ever read in my life! every victim would want a death sentence for any crime done to them!