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Sun 11 Jan 2009 12:00 AM

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Gaza Crisis - Have your say

The Israeli pounding of Gaza shows no sign of abating. What do you think needs to happen for a ceasefire to be agreed?

The Israeli pounding of Gaza shows no sign of abating. What do you think needs to happen for a ceasefire to be agreed?

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GB 11 years ago

What ceasefire???????????????? The fact that Israel has ignored a directive from the toothless UN means it has sanctions from the US to continue the bloodbath. The only thing that will make the ceasefire happen is if all the arab nations stand united and place emabrgos on oil to the west in protest at the slaughter of innocents, and ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice before the world court. Women and chi8ldren are not soldiers, and the stopping of UN aid and humaniarian efforts as well as the targeting of UN sites in Gaza have proven that Israel has no regard for human life of any form - this is not just about Hamas - it is about annihalation of the Palestinian people. The civilians of the world can see it - they are standing up in protest all over the world ...... and still the leaders stand back and do nothing. What will it take till the Israeli war machine halts ............. a mass grave of all Palestinians in Gaza???????????????? It appears that way. Talk is cheap .................. strong united action is needed to stop this slaughter

walid 11 years ago

i think the solution is to establish one democratic country for Arab and Jewish people called Palestine as it's ever been. And all palestinian come back to their country after the israeli send them out by force. and give back the occupied arabic lands to us. (Jwolan) This what should the peace talk be about. Till that time we should fight for our rights with all possible ways.

mike patton 11 years ago

Maybe if the Arab nations would halt the flow of weapons into Gaza for Hamas to use on Isreal then possibly Isreal would end the offensive. I would hope that my country would retaliate in the same manner as Isreal if another nation were to fire in excess of 6300 missiles over a 5 year period into my country.

Francois Lamine 11 years ago

Which is sure is the war is never a good solution to solve a problem. Israel should give back territories to Palestine then Palestine should stop fighting them. The disproportion in the present conflict put a bad image on Israel, the world doesn't need wars, to spend the little money available to kill innocent in majority. I beleive that today the all world become crayse and some of our Presidents does not care any more about humans. The blood of these powerful guys is not anymore red but green, only dollars is irrigating their body and brains. Sad but this is our new life ... it will not become better tomorrow but worth ... this is a message from an optimistic person ...

A real human being 11 years ago

Mike Patton, you wouldn't accept someone firing missiles at your country? How about someone steeling your land and your whole country, kikking you and your people out, and massacring whomever is left behind? How would you like that?!.. instead of judging the palestinians, I suggest you do some reading about Zionism and the terrorist ideology that fuels it and that led to the creation of Israel. Ignorance is NOT really a bless..

Katija Hassen 11 years ago

What is hapeening is sick. What I cant undertand is how can we the so called MUSLIMS stand by and watch this......... Muslims of the world unite and stop this.............. how brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers BABIES for Gods sake little Babies are being killed by this merciless stubborness from both Israelis and Hammas that is proving nothing but loss of innocent lives. PLEASE LETS DO SOMETHING UNITED TO END THIS.

marco 11 years ago

what is happening is not a muslim problem or a jewish problem... it's a human problem! the world and the region should stand against the autrocities happening in palestine. further, let's not forget that palestine is a mix of not only muslims but also christians, and (pre 1948) even jews. all religions must stand up against israel's aggression. let's not catagorize the tragedy of palestine as religious please.

Dominique Baverel 11 years ago

The only way this war will end is by the USA to put an end to it. which it will not do because of it being controlled and run by AIPAC. as long as Israel is fed with chemical warfare, fighting machines from air, land, and sea, and full support from the USA, it will go on with its genocide campaign. Who dares stop them?? The horrific murders and humanitarian crisis Israel has created cannot be justified.

Caitlin Ni Chonaill 11 years ago

This is a dangerous time. Why? Because those who claim to be democrats, the United States and Israel have driven a coach and horses through international law : UN Resolutions, the Hague and Geneva Conventions, Clause 2 of the Euro-Med Agreement etc. The law of the jungle rules.

reality 11 years ago

The reality in Gaza is that certain people have agreed to bomb it and the other people are so scared to intervene. The reason is not Hamas as Israel attacked Jenin before and also Lebanon. Basically Israel does not want any one to say no to what ever it wants to do (opposite to democracy).