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Sun 25 May 2008 04:47 PM

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Grisly murder sparks calls to expel Bangladeshis

Bahraini MP calls for more than 100,000 Bangladeshis to be deported immediately.

A member of Bahrain’s parliament has demanded the deportation of more than 100,000 Bangladeshi labourers from the Gulf state after one expat from the Asian country was charged with the gruesome murder of a national.

Abdul Halim Murad on Sunday called on the government to “put a timetable for the deportation of Bangladeshi labourers from Bahrain after their repeated involvement in murders and other crimes”, according to a report in Arabic daily Akhbar Al-Khaleej.

Murad, a member of the hardline Salafi bloc, also called for the execution of the accused man “quickly so that justice will be done”, according to newswire AFP.

Saif Al Islam, the Bangladeshi charge d'affaires, countered Murad’s position, saying that it would be unfair to punish the entire Bangladeshi community for the actions of one person.

“We told the Bahraini authorities to put this Bangladeshi national on trial and punish him if he is convicted,” Islam said.

“But I hope the 106,000 Bangladeshis working in various sectors will not all be punished if one man did something wrong."

The accused, a mechanic, was charged with premeditated murder on Friday after he was accused of slitting a Bahraini man’s throat with a hacksaw following a disagreement over payment for work on the victim’s car.

Although Bahrain applies the death penalty, executions are seldom carried out.

Bahrain executed two Bangladeshi workers in December 2006 after the king upheld their death sentences. They were the first executions to be carried out in the Gulf state since 1996.

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Louie Tedesco 11 years ago

Imagine my surprise upon reading your report when I noted that it was a person who was killed - not a bear. Grizzly is a bear, and yes, you can kill a grizzly in a grisly fashion as well.

Parv 11 years ago

Hah! I see someone's beaten me to it. You don't miss a beat, do you Mr. Tedesco? :)

Seeking Intelligence 11 years ago

What an interesting, not surprising, perspective by Mr Abdul Halim Murad. Let me get this right ... one Bangladeshi allegedly commits murder, so all Bangladeshi's are murderers. Mr Abdul Halim Murad would therefore have to also agree, using the same line of logic .... when one Arab commits sin, all Arabs are sinners? One Toyota breaks down so all Toyotas are unreliable cars? One married man has an affair so all married men are unfaithful? When one child steals something then all children are thieves? Has a Bahraini ever gone to jail for a crime in Bahrain? So Mr Abdul Halim Murad would be accusing ALL Bahraini's of being criminals. Shame on you Mr Abdul Halim Murad. This attitude is not the teaching of ANY religion nor within the decent fabric of ANY society. This is how the Bahrain Parliament wishes to see Bahrain considered in the world today???

MUKESH BHATIA 11 years ago

On one side Kingdom of Bahrain is trying to become a modern and world democracy and on the other hand it is adopting jungle law! If any other national commits a crime today, will all the nationals of that country will be deported?