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Thu 25 Nov 2010 09:52 AM

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Have your say: Share your views about this year's list

Share your feedback on the first ever Arabian Business Indian Power List

Have your say: Share your views about this year's list

The first ever Indian Power List aims to celebrate the Indian community’s highest achievers in the Gulf.

Click here to view the first ever Arabian Business India Power List

India’s relationship with the GCC is a long one – labourers from India played a major part in building the cities of the Gulf, and today more and more it is Indians who are peopling the boardrooms of the region’s top companies and banks.

The retail sector is where the majority of the 100 Indians we believe are the most powerful in the Gulf made their fortunes, but the list is a good reflection of the diversity of the roles Indians play in daily life in this part of the world.

The contribution of Indian nationals to progress in the Gulf is massive - in healthcare, in the arts, in construction and engineering, in hospitality – and it is perhaps a little shameful that it has taken us this long to properly recognise the high-fliers with a list.

We have tried enormously hard to make sure the names on the list are the right ones, and we feel sure that all of them are deserving of their place.

That said, we do not claim that the list is definitive – it is a first attempt and in the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries there will almost certainly be names we have missed.

Please feel free to put us right – the more names we can collect the more competition for a place on next year’s list. 

To share your feedback, post your comment and 'Join the Discussion' below.


najussaquib 9 years ago

proud to be an INDIAN, gentlemen make the TRICOLOR fly more higher

Nazih 8 years ago

Dears at Arabianbusiness,
While reviewing the full list I was very happy to see a name of a respectable Jordanian Executive included!!!! Keep up the good work.

A Indian 8 years ago

How many are NOT Indian any more? They may have given up their Indian Nationality voluntarily, but are they Indian then? One name comes up is Mr. M. F. Hussain, Qatari now.

Think we should give due credit to Indians who are working at ground level.

Dr Mohammed Ali 8 years ago

A very comprehensive list. Nicely compiled. Each candidate is a winner and well deserving! but if you dig deeper, I am sure you will find many more indians who are our unsung heroes.Sadly Indian' s have done better outside their countries rather than within.It is heart warming to see new faces in the indian list rather than the usual suspects ,finally all of you make us Indians proud and we wish you more success in the future.

Tanweer Khalfay 8 years ago

I am happy to note that Arabian Business has made a start of what can be called a very interesting list, I am sure, of well deserved individuals. Having said that, I have two comments. It appears a little odd to me that although you call this the list of most powerful Indians in the Gulf, majority of the individuals are from U.A.E. - I may have missed it, but I did not see much representation from other Gulf States. Two, I can think of many individuals that should easily have maid it to the list. I am sure you will do better as time goes. Keep up the good work.

Sandeep Rajani 8 years ago

It would have been really useful if the criteria and the process used to arrive at the rankings was made known.

Sandeep Rajani 8 years ago

Subseqent to my earlier comment, I found the link to the methodology used to determine the rankings. I found the process to be quite subjective as it neither spelled out he criteria used nor the weightage given to each factor taken into consideration. How can the top ten be decided by "personal preference ? Personally, I think that the single most effective criterion in deciding the rankings should be what each of the short listed individuals who have "made it" has done to give back to Indian society.

Luke 8 years ago

Its an interesting list and a commendable effort to bring out these names, although I wonder whats the criteria and scope to rank the power among these expats. As a keen observer and an enthusiast , I know Dr Ravi Pillai is definitely not rank 90 ( he is a well respected name and very powerful) , some names like Ramesh Prabakhar( Rivolvi) seem missing etc.

Dinesh 7 years ago

Good effort, but quiet a few good names missing in the list, some of the names in there are also surprising. Would be much better to have a better mechanism and get the many more dynamic Indians into the list. Youngsters who have sparked off very successful ventures also should be given recognition which will boost the morale further. Maybe a special section for young entrepreneurs would also be a good idea.