HE Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani shares tips for entrepreneurs on how to be successful

His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani, chairman of the Department of Statistics and Community Development, and co-founder of Musafir.com, shares the rules he follows to stand the test of time
HE Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani shares tips for entrepreneurs on how to be successful
His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani.
By HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani
Tue 10 Jan 2017 03:14 PM

Hard work, passion, perseverance and a positive attitude are the significant qualities possessed by successful individuals across all spheres of life. 

Irrespective of one’s age, or where they are based, individuals share a common goal - a desire to be successful.

‘Success’ is achieved over time and requires an optimistic approach regardless of the goal an individual sets to reach. Each person’s definition of success varies. Many equate success with fame, power and wealth, whereas others attribute it to reaching a momentous milestone in their personal lives.  One thing is certain across all levels of success – it does not come easily.

Successful entrepreneurs have many traits in common with one another, all striving to define how to be successful in their own unique ways. Being the co-founder of Musafir.com, a premium travel website, I have deduced that the ability to cultivating these attributes tend to set successful entrepreneurs apart.

An entrepreneur requires an innate set of skills and some credible tips to get started on their ventures.

7 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do

1 Set yourself ambitious goals

Do not be afraid to set yourself ambitious goals where creativity is of utmost priority. Thinking out of the box is key to setting yourself apart from your competitors.

2 Make a plan

Knowing what your business should entail and setting an achievable vision accordingly. It is vital to read about other successful businesses and take in the wealth of knowledge that has been offered by successful entrepreneurs. Train and prepare yourself beforehand; put in the necessary hours required, even if it means sacrificing time you would rather spend elsewhere.

3 Be passionate about what you want to do

Passion is the key to keeping the strategy behind a start-up running. Half-heartedness in an entrepreneurial endeavour will hinder the drive to succeed. Most entrepreneurs are in a rush to see quick results. Realistically, you may not reap positive results straight away, and perseverance through a mission guarantees success, especially during the lows of the venture.

4 Trust your gut instinct

If at any given moment, you feel something is probably not going right, do not be afraid to listen to your instinct and address the issue promptly.

5 Build your “Top team”

Take your time to find the skill sets and attitudes needed to support the culture of the company you wish to establish. Be careful in choosing the right people who possess the similar drive you have in achieving success. What is most important in successful businesses is knowledge, skills and talent.

6 Embrace the challenges

Accomplishing major ambitions does not come easy. You will face many challenges on the road to success and those that can potentially bring you down in the process. Self-doubt and fluctuating confidence levels are natural when you take on a journey that requires hard work, patience and perseverance. Go back to the plan and the initial vision you set yourself and overcome the challenges that are both in and out of your control.

7 Success in the attitude

Don’t let the fear of failing in your venture hold you back. Take failure as an opportunity to learn and bounce back with an alternative plan and solution.

3 Things Great Entrepreneurs Don’t Do

1 The path to success is a journey, success isn’t born overnight

In its initial stages, every entrepreneur has to put in the extra effort to set him/herself on the right business path. Successful entrepreneurs invest time, effort and money with consistency and start to see results sooner or later.

2 Don’t blame others for outcomes or let them bring you down

Great leaders look inward when things don’t go their way and applaud the efforts of others when things go in the right direction. In reality, it is the leader who is responsible for the success and culture of his team. Exceptional leaders have solid self-worth, confidence, and focus on the greater good.

3 Don’t find shortcuts

Smart or experienced entrepreneurs never go for such loopholes and tactics; those that adopt the shortcut policies face consequences. Entrepreneurship requires a broader vision and a serious approach towards everything related to business, market and customers. Some of the entrepreneurs, especially the start-up founders, try to use shortcuts which may provide temporary benefits. However, in the long-run there may be consequences to face from taking such shortcuts which inevitably can lead to serious outcomes, even the complete collapse of the company or organisation.

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