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Mon 6 Jul 2009 07:28 AM

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Hidden speed cameras to launch in Dubai on July 15

Traffic chief reveals new initiative in effort to catch 'arrogant' motorists.

Hidden speed radars will be set up in Dubai in the latest initiative to catch "arrogant" motorists, it was reported on Monday.

The cameras will soon hang from trees, electrical poles or even bridges, capturing speeding drivers, without the flash of a camera bulb to alert.

Fifteen of the radars, which can detect and shoot speeding cars from 150 metres away, are being tested before being rolled out from July 15, Brigadier Mohammed Saif Al Zafin, director of General Department of Traffic, said in comments published by Khaleej Times.

“Motorists must oblige with the specified speed limit on Dubai’s internal roads and highways or they will be nabbed by gun radars which would help police catch the ‘arrogant’ drivers who don’t comply with the speed limits,” Al Zafin told the paper.

“The gun radars will be available anywhere, either in police patrols, trees, near electricity poles at bridges or in the middle of the road,” he added

Al Zafin said many motorists have been caught already but action won’t be taken against motorists caught on the radars during the trials.

From July 15, anyone who is caught will face fines of up to AED2,000 and eight black points with motorists having their licence suspended if they pick up a total 24 points for speeding.

The radars will also be distributed in residential areas with specific areas identified as in need of monitoring, the paper reported.

By the end of 2009, 1,000 radars will be monitoring Dubai’s roads.

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Geriant 11 years ago

Unless large amounts of points are docked for speeding few will take heed. The cameras to AUH are a laugh, as most of the white Range Rover brigade think it is a badge of honour to spend a few thousand a month on fines. Let them lose their licenses, better.

Sergei Kuk 11 years ago

should be made severe and if the person is caught 3 times speeding then he should be banned from driving. If they drive whilst banned do as they do in the UK and take the Car from them and crush it for scrap metal.

Dragan 11 years ago

Whilst i applaued initiatives to tackle speeding drivers i am perplexed as to how hidden cameras will slow the 'arrogant' drivers. It could take up to a year until a driver re-registers their car before they realise they have been caught speeding. If the motivator is in fact slowing drivers down then flashing high visible cameras are the way to go as they not only remind offending vehicles of the speed limit but also other road users when they see the cameras and the flash.

Andy 11 years ago

There are many out there driving like maniacs and we have seen many innocent lives lost due these careless drivers.

Ayser Maan 11 years ago

Dubai has one of the best roads in the world, but the issue is, there are many different nationalities in Dubai who came with their attitude of driving from their home country, for example, if you go to Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and India you will see a complete mess on the roads. And since Dubai is exposed to all nationalities then obviously we will all experience the none-discipline drivers.. I really hope they come up with very tough penalties to prevent these drivers from causing damages to other road users.

Barak 11 years ago

I think we are missing the point here again. Camera's in my opinion is not a solution to this problem except that its a good source of revenue to the RTA. We need to change the attitude of the drivers in the UAE this means sane driving whether cameras are present or not. This attitude/behaviour modification can only be achieved if the RTA ensures that the driving schools be accountable for the rash drivers. This would put enough pressure on the driving schools to 'qualify' quality drivers for the Dubai roads. I think the driving schools should look into the driving skills and attitude of the drivers before qualifying them to drive on roads.

ABC 11 years ago

its not just speeding but the selfish and dangerous acts that need tackling.. how about more unmarked cars fining heavily those who drive down hard shoulder, those who drive dangerously and cause others to take evaisive action to avoid an accident... tailgating... then these people must be pulled over, have the reasons why made very clear, show a non tolerance to this behavior with on the spot fines and points - if someone cannot pay the fine then impound the car.. simple... make these actions a huge inconvenience to the perportraitors, and then, and only then might we see some respect for the rules... in addition no-one, and I mean no-one should be exempt from these rules

worker 11 years ago

I'm totally in favour of penalising unsafe drivers... quite honestly when you're driving the maximum limit with someone tailgating you and flashing their headlights it's quite unnerving and irresponsible... this kind of behaviour and lane changing without any due care is something i would like to see stopped.. but equally those drivers who are trundling along at 40km an hour in the fast lane whilst they are on their phone or looking at Dubai's skyline need to be penalised too because it attributes to road rage. I am guilty of picking up a few speeding fines and I would certainly say that the hefty fines and black points have surely made me reconsider the way i drive... but can i also say that an 80km speed limit on a 14 lane highway seems a little low (on way to business bay bridge)

VRV 11 years ago

I fully understand the need to tighten things up on reckless driving, but what i dont understand is the fact that these "hidden" radars don't flash. When a radar flashes, it warns others to slow down. When a radar flashes, it alerts the offender to take it easy on the throttle. Which is ultimately what we are after....safer roads for everyone. I fail to see how a non-flashing radar is the better way when "like another reader said" it might take the offender a YEAR before he knows he pilled up tickets (unless he checks it online)!

GD 11 years ago

VRV - the spedometer should alert you to the fact u are speeding, not a flashing camera. It is something everyone should check regularly when driving. marking the cameras is akin to marking mines in a minefield, u will just walk around the mines. Left unmarked, you will tread carefully wherever u will go. Also, flashing cameras can cause sudden rather than gentle breaking, increasing accident risk for following cars. it's very simple, dont want a ticket? dont speed