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Wed 26 Mar 2014 12:29 PM

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How to be a good boss

Being a good entrepreneur doesn’t always equate to being a good boss. Here are a few suggestions to help you in your quest to be a good leader

How to be a good boss

1) Lead by example

Nothing shows good leadership more than setting a good example. As the boss of the company you need to be a figurehead. Set clear expectations, and show that you are prepared to do the things you are asking your team to do. If you want your company to be innovative, show innovation yourself. If you want your staff to treat each other well, treat them well yourself. If you want them to hit certain targets, hit those targets yourself. Be confident in your leadership and your company, and be self-aware enough to know when you need to do more to set a good example.

2) Motivate

Unmotivated employees can drag your company down to disastrous levels, but if it gets to that stage, you’ve done something wrong. It’s your responsibility to keep them motivated and positive, to keep them going even through tough times. Learn to understand why they might not be feeling motivated, and find ways to dispel those thoughts and feelings. If you can engage your employees, you’ll have a much more effective and efficient workplace.

3) Hire well

There are a variety of ways you can instil confidence in your leadership, and one of them is your hiring policy. If you bring in people who are right for the job, who have a good attitude, and can keep their own and the team’s morale high, then you are helping the company perform better, and showing that you are a good judge of character. A good boss knows his business and his staff well, and should be able to bring in employees who will both fit in well, and boost its performance.


4) Communicate

In any management role, communication is key. If you can’t interact with your staff, you’re in trouble. Be honest with them, listen to them, keep them updated with plans, developments, and anything else they need to know. Make sure you give your team the opportunity to air any concerns they might have, or – even better – proposals for moving things forward. You might be surprised just how many winning ideas you’ll be presented with.

5) Be organised

A disorganised boss can be extremely frustrating for his or her staff. Employees need direction – a game plan – so you need to manage your and the company’s time, money, energy, and purpose. The lack of organisation leads to stress at best, and the end of the company at worse. But installing and implementing a plan will help everybody focus and know where they stand.

6) Be ethical

Being ethical is important for various reasons, but as far as your employees go, they need to know that you are a decent person. Not only will they respect you much more, but they will have more belief in the direction you are taking the company. They may also feel more secure in their job, knowing you are unlikely to mistreat them or fire them without good reason, and are more likely to go the extra mile for you.

7) Look to develop

Part of your organisational responsibility is to look ahead at developments, improvements and changes. If you show yourself to be ambitious and propel the business to new heights, there’s a good chance you’ll win respect and encourage loyalty.

8) Rest

You have to make sure you’re on the ball every day. Otherwise, how can you be an effective leader? So make sure you take some time out. Don’t be afraid to take holidays, just like everybody else. Also, you should think of ways to let your team rest and maybe have some fun. Team-building exercises, or work meals can be a good way for people to let off some steam, get to know each other better, and form stronger bonds – all of which has great benefits back in the office.

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