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Thu 27 Nov 2008 03:31 PM

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Hummer driver jailed for 10 years for road rage death

Young Emirati businessman also has vehicle confiscated after ruling by Dubai court.

A young Emirati businessman who ran over a British woman with his Hummer was jailed for 10 years on Thursday and the vehicle he used in committing the crime was confiscated.

But the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance, in its ruling summary, ruled out any element of premeditation in the defendant’s actions.

The defendant, Omair Abdullah Eissa Thani Al Thani, aged 22, was found guilty of the murder of Katherine Wood, 52, who died from her injuries after being run over by the Hummer.

“It is a very disappointing ruling, I was hoping for a harsher penalty,” said her husband, Jeffery Wood in comments published by UAE daily The National on Thursday.

She had arrived at the Aviation Club in Garhoud on the evening of May 30 with her husband and friends and was getting out of a taxi when the driver of the Hummer behind them became angry at being kept waiting and got involved in an argument with one of the group.

The Emirati businessman then drove past the taxi, according to the prosecution, and reversed on to the pavement, crushing her.

AirMiles 10 years ago

Surely, the moment he put the car into reverse, that became premeditated? While the death penalty was inappropriate, ten years seems rather light.

Melwyn Pereira 10 years ago

The judge should have given him Life Sentence - just to make an example of him so that others may refrain from ANGER. Hope the 10 years is eventually not reduced to 10 months in further appeals.

sid 10 years ago

10 years? what a joke!

Nicola 10 years ago

10 years or life sentence wouldn't have given back the life of Mrs Wood. If this court case took place in any European country I doubt the defendant even ever got behind bars. 10 years, if won't be reduced, will change his life forever and he will loose a lot of life opportunities (job, family, life).

Um Alia 10 years ago

This was not a bad ruling and I hope that the Dubai Govt uses this as an example to show young people the consequences of angry and backward behaviour.

jim cumming 10 years ago

I am shocked to learn that readers believe 10 years to be a fair punishment. This driver drove over another human being not once but THREE times and then fled the scene.

Mark S 10 years ago

I think the ruling is shameful. I would hope that 10 years means 10 years, and not reduced every eid.

An expat 10 years ago

Firstly, let me tell you that 10 years jail term is not really 10 years. It will be almost half the time because weekends and other public holidays are not counted. I don't agree that driving over someone due to anger is a justification of a mistake. Think if the same was done to you or your family!

JTGardner 10 years ago

Ten years is hardly any punishment whatsoever. This man will be released when he is 32, probably much sooner than that. His whole life will be ahead of him still. This act was murder - plain and simple.

Bahrain Taxi 10 years ago

To Nicola of Milan: A similar case did happen in a European country and the man got a life sentence serving a minimum of 21 years. This was also was not 'premeditated' and done out of anger: Ten years is a pathetic sentence and no doubt he'll be released well before then.