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Thu 25 Sep 2014 07:57 PM

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Hundreds evacuated after Palm Jumeirah building floods

Emergency services attending incident in Building 19; burst pipe thought to be cause of flood

Hundreds evacuated after Palm Jumeirah building floods
A general view of Palm Jumeirah. (Photo for illustrative purposes only)

Hundreds of residents living in Nakheel’s Palm Jumeirah have been forced to flee their apartments after flooding inside their building.

It is understood that the flooding began in the Shoreline’s Building 19 on the fifth floor, setting off fire alarms around 7pm local time. Residents were told to remain outside indefinitely.

It is not known what caused the floods, although some residents told Arabian Business it was likely to have been a burst pipe.

“There is knee high water on the fifth floor and it is coming down now to all the floors, we are worried everything inside has been ruined. Nobody is telling us anything, and security staff are stopping anyone from taking pictures. It's complete chaos,” one resident said.

Other residents complained that they were not being offered any assistance from Nakheel, developer of the Palm Jumeirah.

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sham the sham 5 years ago

hmmm lets pretend it did not happen, it is a luxury area only using top quality material and well worth the premium to live in such a place, private beach...

what is really a shame, if they had spent 50% more money on the construction and made it really luxury, people would have been happy to pay. The quality is not good. As they get older the problems get worse

Building 19 Annoyed 5 years ago

Total chaos here. Security haven't got a clue. A guy from Nakheel shouting at everyone to get out and stand outside in 32 degree heat. No person in charge. Typical Nakheel chaos. And this is what we pay our service charge for is it.

Simon 5 years ago

This is nothing new for the rest of Dubai. Towers in JBR have had their burst water pipe issues, as has Princess Tower and the newly built Al Bateen Tower. A couple of Towers in JLT have suffered huge water damage before. One building had a fire 2yrs years ago in JLT...and I don't know to this day if people have been compensated for their loss...but the building remains empty.

Low grade materials on top of 'subgrade' workmanship in 40degree heat is to blame (not the wokers fault I might add, the Developers are totally responsible)

Faris Khan 5 years ago

If you use cheap materials and equipment from China then you can expect this. Chinese materials are cheap but rubbish quality.

Habibi 5 years ago

This incident cut off all outbound traffic from Atlantis and most Palm residences. There were people in traffic for 5 hours last night trying to leave the Palm. School buses, airport shuttles, ambulances, you name it. Nobody including police knew what was going on. Fortunately the monorail was operating.

If Dubai ever has a real emergency or some kind of catastrophe, these incidents reflect how they will be handled.

Ms.George 5 years ago

I was stuck in the traffic on my way out fri Shoreline bldg 8, for more that 1hour. The security staff were standing knowing nothing that was going on..and didn't have a clue how to manage the traffic..

Kent Cooper 5 years ago

Well what did the residents of the Shoreline expected. They wanted to show off to their friends of their posh address. They invited the shores to their posh apartments. Enjoy the sights !

Ali 5 years ago

Hope it gonna fixed Soon ! i Suggest Move to Downtown Dubai,

Ulevpri 5 years ago

You bought from Nakheel, nothing more to say .... maybe you chose your developer next time more careful!

John D 5 years ago

Firstly, the outer frond where most of the hotels are located need to have roads built to connect to the mainland for the use of hotel traffic. Secondly, Nahkeel needs to implement a crisis plan for the future. When incidents like this occur, the security should be able to block incoming traffic from non-residents. Most of the traffic in the gridlock I observed were non-residents where their sub-continent driving skills kicked in real fast. There has to be a plan to block buses and trucks during crisis times with an alternative transporation system. There currently is only one road into the Palm and this is not advantageous for crisis situations.