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Sat 2 Jun 2012 01:01 PM

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ID cards deadline extended for Dubai residents

Emirates Identity Authority agrees to grant 'one-off' one month extension to June 30

ID cards deadline extended for Dubai residents
ID GUIDELINES: Emirates Identity Authority has released new information to avoid further confusion over ID card registration.

The Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) said on Saturday it was extending the deadline for Dubai residents to register for ID cards.

It has agreed to a one-month extension to June 30 in response to calls from the public who claimed they had not been able to register in time.

The EIDA said it received 3.3 million transactions for issuing ID cards over the first five months of 2012 including one million in May, official news agency WAM reported.

It added that around 90 percent of the Dubai population had registered in time.

The EIDA said the deadline extension would be a "one-off" and would not be flexible in the future.

It called on private sector companies operating in Dubai to "seize this last opportunity" by organising its workers to be registered before the end of June.

Those who do not begin the process by the new deadline face fines of AED20 per day.

Since the launch of the Emirates ID scheme in 2005, EIDA has made a series of moves to boost the number of card holders.

In a bid to put further pressure on residents to sign up for the scheme, the UAE government is increasingly requiring expatriates and nationals to present ID cards when dealing with federal agencies.

It was reported on Thursday that UAE residents hurried to the country's typing centres in a last-ditch attempt to file their application for the mandatory Emirates ID card, with many facing queues of up to four hours.

Applicants in one typing centre in Dubai's Knowledge Village district complained of a lack of seating and overburdened staff.


Hi every body in the UAE,

Very nice to know that the last date for making EMIRATES ID has been extended till 30th June 2012.

It is also nice to know that the Labour card has been merged with this card. so that we need not process nor carry two cards.

We appreciate the good work of Ministry of Labour and the Government of U.A.E. as well as the decision makers on this and the Rulers of U.A.E. on this matter. These are good decision indeed .

Our good wishes to Emirates ID Administration Committee as well as the Rulers of U.A.E. on this..

Regards and God Bless U.A.E.

procan 7 years ago

Selwin with respect are you doing Commercial spots for the Government. Have a nice day, Good wishes , Regards, God Bless, Good show , Carry on , Be Cool, Chow .