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Tue 24 Feb 2009 01:22 PM

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Illegal parkers warned amid new Dubai clampdown

Fines blitz for motorists in Garhoud as RTA continues to get tough on parking.

The Roads and Transport Authority warned on Tuesday that a lack of parking spaces across Dubai is no excuse for motorists leaving their vehicles in illegal spots.

RTA spokesperson Peyman Parham told Arabian Business that drivers parking on sandpits or pavements will be fined and only vehicles left in designated bays with parking tickets displayed in their windows will avoid penalties.

Parham’s comments come following a clampdown on illegal parking in Garhoud.

Three RTA officials were seen dishing out fines on Tuesday for motorists that had left cars in several areas of undeveloped land.

Climbing pavements to park on undeveloped or private land is also illegal and unsafe, according to Parham.

“There are rules, regulations and laws and you can’t break them for the last year and then say, ‘why am I being fined now?” he said.

“It [designated parking] is a law and just because it wasn’t upheld for a certain amount of time doesn’t make it right – that is something that people need to understand.”

The average cost for parking all day in Garhoud is 16 dirhams, while fines for illegal parking are generally 200 dirhams.

When speaking to Arabian Business, one RTA official said Garhoud was the latest area to be targeted by the authorities.

He added the RTA will continually monitor regions across Dubai as part of its ongoing bid to stamp out illegal parking.   

“I am not even going to deny the fact that we have a shortage of parking spots because the number of the cars on the road is growing,” Parham said. “We haven’t had the capability to build as many parking spots as necessary.

“We are currently looking at different options for parking, such as multi-storey car parks. There are lots of different things we haven’t announced yet, but we are doing a feasibility study across Dubai.

"We are also working hard to look at new solutions for parking everywhere, such as places like Karama which is extremely busy, and Bur Dubai.”

Motorists who feel they have been unjustly fined can lodge a complaint with the RTA, Parham said. He added the complaint will be investigated and the aggrieved driver made aware of the RTA’s conclusion.

“We are not here to hurt people, we are here to abide by laws that are approved by the government,” Parham said.

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Jacob George 11 years ago

I do agree that not abiding by the rules should invite a fine which will act as a detterent. However AED 200 fine for an AED 1 parking charges as a fine and AED 50 for an AED 4 Salik offense defies logic. What was the basis on deciding these huge amounts. Similarly Salik fines are charges for not paying in advance. Why cant salik charges be based on monthly billing in arrears for services utilised by the public - similar to Etisalat & Dewa charges.

Rainigade 11 years ago

Once again, rules are put in place without giving people viable alternatives. This is Salik all over again! We live in the Tecom extension area in Al Barsha and parking is virtually non-existent. If you look at old Google Earth images of the place, you'll see that there were parking spots all over the area. Then the construction began in earnest and every yard has cordoned off the spots around its location. To make matters worse, every building has a maximum of one (or in some places even less!) spot per apartment, which means families with two cars have to find their own way for the second car. And yes, we HAD indeed been parking on the sandy areas for the last two years, even if it meant walking a bit from your car to your home. But this weekend, bang out of the blue, there were fines given out on Friday early morning. And then again on Saturday early morning. Strangely enough, this whole working week... no fines. Same spot! No fines! Does this make ANY sense to ANYONE?

James 11 years ago

How interesting that they have chosen now to start enforcing the law. Is it really about safety or revenue generation? I know which I think it is... Parking where I work costs 200 dhs per day so if the fine is 200 dhs a day also I'll take my chances in the sandpits thankyou!

Martin 11 years ago

Unbelieveable. I mean there are probably a ratio of 8:1 in terms of cars to car parking spaces. What is wrong with parking on sand unless of course it obstructs other cars on the road or pedestrians... All that will happen is that more motorists will be spending more time (up to an hour) waiting in their cars until someone pulls out of a parking space. The knock on effect is less time at work, reduced productivity and less revenue generated for the economy. Another senseless policy in what is a tough market as it is...

VM 11 years ago

The Garhoud area is a nightmare where parking is concerned....The RTA official does not deny the fact that there is a lack of parking space..so, does he give us any suggestions/recommendations as to the alternatives available to us other than parking on undeveloped land or the pavement near our offices????...I fail to understand how their incapability to provide adequate infrastructure to support growing cars on UAE roads, is our fault and we are to be fined for it...

Harikrishna 11 years ago

Well I am holding a valid parking card of 'A' category and today's recent experience during afternoon I was roaming around for about 45 minutes in the same Garhoud area. I was so desperate to park my car and get back to work ON TIME at post lunch. Similarly so many people were roaming for the parking I saw. Not a single space was available...even if people wish to PAY AND PARK....and so people are forced park on un-authorised places. If incase any RTA or government officer had to face this situation, am sure they would do the same wrong practice.

Mohammad 11 years ago

What are the universal laws regarding parking on private property? If people park on an empty plot, it must belong to somebody. I think you can be charged with trespassing if the plot owner has a problem with it (which I'm sure will not be a problem with most plot owners). But RTA giving fines for parking in private property such as plots or malls seems a bit out of place and revenue generation motivated.

Rao 11 years ago

Have any body RTA officials given any serious thought about how much petrol is going to consume for these thousands of vehicles in Dubai only to search for the parking. why cant RTA do onlne survey and implement which is best for the soceity.like arabian business is doing the right job. kudos to Arabian business team keep up the good work

A Parkar 11 years ago

On one hand you admit of failing to do enough, at the same time you penalise others for your shortcoming. Why?

Liz 11 years ago

Are the RTA officials aware of the parking problems in Karama?? Shortage of parking lots is a major issue for the residents and no one seems to care. Even if we have the parking cards we are unable to find a free spot. Returning home from a full days work, tired of being stuck in traffic and then having to drive around looking for parking is extremely frustrating and eventually we have no choice but to park in an "illegal area" and then get a fine of Dhs.200.00. Is there any other part of the world that install parking meters in a residential area??? Give us more parking area in Karama and show us some mercy!!!