Indian Rich List 2011
Tue 20 Sep 2011 11:54 AM
Mohan Valrani

Mohan Valrani

Company: Al Shirawi Group of Companies

Country: UAE

Wealth: 285 Million

Occupation: Vice chairman

Born in Sind in 1940, Mohan Valrani came from a family of entrepreneurs and from an early age those close who him observed that he has a unique ability for making money and making smart quick decisions.

While studying, Valrani worked with his family in Mumbai in the food sector. Once he graduated with Finance and Commerce from Baroda University, he moved to Hong Kong and later to Dubai. In 1966, Valrani set up a partnership with influential Emirati businessman Abdulla Shirawi and the two have remained partners ever since.

Under his leadership, the Al Shirawi Group was set up in 1971 and from a modest beginning of trading in steel and cement has grown into a multi–dimensional company with interest spanning 29 separate companies and with around 6,000 employees.

The group has built up strong relationships with a series of multinationals, including Sumitomo, Tata Iron & Steel, Nippon Steel and Klockner & Co. Valrani’s son, Navin, oversees 10 firms within the group, and is one of eight next-generation leaders in the family.

In July, Valrani was presented with one of the Asian Achievers Awards by Indian Ambassador to the UAE MK Lokesh during a ceremony in Dubai.

“These awards are given in recognition of their vision, thought, leadership, contributions to the society and professional commitments,” said Senorita Isaac, founder of the Human Achievers Foundation, who organised the awards.

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